Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 463 -- Instant Runoff Voting

Sponsor:  Zimmerman

This bill establishes procedures for instant runoff voting and
the counting of ranked-choice ballots.  Any municipality or
political subdivision may conduct instant runoff voting or use
ranked-choice ballots.  Generally, if there is no simple majority
winner, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated and the
process continues by counting the votes for the next most
preferred candidate on those ballots where the eliminated
candidate was the top choice.  The process continues until a
winner by simple majority emerges or a tie results.  The
procedure for breaking ties will remain the same as specified in
Chapter 115, RSMo.  If necessary, election officials may limit
the number of choices a voter may rank to three.  Write-in votes
will still be allowed.

Instant runoff voting and ranked-choice ballots will be governed
by general election laws.  Any challenges to an instant runoff
election must first be appealed to the Secretary of State for a
final order and may then be appealed to any court of competent

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