Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 536 -- Licensure of Prescribing Psychologists

Sponsor:  Dixon

This bill authorizes the licensure of prescribing psychologists
under the State Committee of Psychologists in the Division of
Professional Registration within the Department of Insurance,
Financial Institutions and Professional Registration.  Persons
licensed as prescribing psychologists will be authorized to
prescribe certain Schedule II stimulants and Schedule IV
tranquilizers or any other psychological treatment or laboratory
test as it relates to the practice of psychology, excluding
electrical convulsive therapy.  A licensed prescribing
psychologist cannot purchase, administer, or dispense medication.

Prescribing psychologist licenses will only be issued to licensed
psychologists who meet certain criteria established in the bill.
These requirements include completing 400 hours of didactic
educational training recommended by the American Psychological
Association or completing a post-doctoral master degree in
psychopharmacology; completing a one-year fellowship, with weekly
supervision of a physician and maintaining a full-time caseload
of patients during the year with duties of medication management,
psychological evaluations, and therapeutic services; and passing
a national examination testing competency to engage in the
practice of prescriptive authority.  The division may establish
rules creating additional requirements based on current
educational guidelines stated in the American Psychological
Association's publication of Recommended Postdoctoral Training in
Psychopharmacology for Prescription Privileges.

After receiving his or her license to prescribe, a psychologist
must enter into a collaborative practice agreement with a
licensed physician for one year.

Psychologists holding prescribing authorization are required to
maintain appropriate medical liability insurance and complete at
least 20 hours of psychopharmacology continuing education credit
within the two-year period preceding a license renewal in
addition to their general 40-hour continuing education

Pharmacists are authorized to fill prescriptions written by
licensed prescribing psychologists.

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Missouri House of Representatives
95th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
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