Summary of the Perfected Version of the Bill


COMMITTEE OF ORIGIN:  Committee on Public Safety

This substitute changes the laws regarding emergency services and
emergency medical technicians-intermediate.  In its main
provisions, the substitute:

(1)  Requires all basic life support ambulances and stretcher
vans to be equipped with an automated external defibrillator and
staffed by at least one person trained in its use;

(2)  Repeals the provision allowing only emergency medical
response agencies, fire departments, and fire protection
districts to provide certain advanced life support services with
emergency medical technicians-intermediate;

(3)  Repeals the provision requiring emergency medical response
agencies using emergency medical technicians-intermediate to work
in collaboration with an ambulance service providing advanced
life support with personnel trained at the paramedic level;

(4)  Allows a temporary emergency medical technician licensee to
practice under the immediate supervision of a licensed emergency
medical technician-intermediate;

(5)  Requires employers and supervisors of emergency medical
technicians-intermediate to cooperate with the Department of
Health and Senior Services compliance requirements under the
Comprehensive Emergency Medical Services Systems Act; and

(6)  Adds an emergency medical technician-intermediate or EMT-I
to the definition of "emergency medical care provider" as it
relates to exposure to contagious or infectious diseases.

FISCAL NOTE:  No impact on state funds in FY 2011, FY 2012, and
FY 2013.

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Missouri House of Representatives
95th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
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