Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 121 -- Elections

Sponsor:  Dugger

This bill changes the laws regarding elections.  In its main
provisions, the bill:

(1)  Prohibits a person from being elected or appointed the clerk
of a county commission unless he or she has resided within the
county for one year prior to his or her election instead of the
current six-month requirement;

(2)  Establishes filing deadlines for any election held on the
general municipal election day in a political subdivision or
special district in a noncharter county.  The opening filing date
will be December 1 of the year prior to the election, and the
closing date will be January 1 of the year in which the election
is held;

(3)  Changes when a candidate has the right to a recount of the
votes from a standard requiring the candidate's defeat by less
than 1% of the votes cast to a candidate's defeat by less than
one-half of 1% of the votes cast;

(4)  Requires a person who is conducting exit polling, surveying,
sampling, electioneering, distributing election literature,
posting signs, or placing vehicles bearing signs with respect to
any candidate or question to be voted on at an election on
election day to not be within 50 feet, instead of the current 25
feet, of the building's outer door closest to the polling place.
Anyone violating this provision will be guilty of a class four
election offense; and

(5)  Repeals the provision that requires a political party's
emblem to be printed on an election ballot above the party

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Missouri House of Representatives
96th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
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