Summary of the Introduced Bill

HJR 4 -- Compensation for Elected Officials

Sponsor:  Barnes

Upon voter approval, this proposed constitutional amendment
prevents the proposed compensation schedule due from the
Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials on December 1
every two years from including an increase in compensation for
elected state officials or members of the General Assembly if in
the previous fiscal year there is an increase in the seasonally
adjusted unemployment percentage of the state civilian job force
based on data reported by the United States Bureau of Labor
Statistics, if the final state sales and use taxes collected are
less than that collected the previous fiscal year, or if 75% or
more of all state employees failed to receive a cost-of-living or
a general pay increase that would be equal to or greater than the
commission's proposed percentage increase in compensation for the
elected officials or members of the General Assembly.

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Missouri House of Representatives
96th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
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