Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 1677 -- Expungement of Certain Criminal Records

Sponsor:  Ellinger

This bill authorizes a person to apply to any court in which he
or she pled guilty or was found guilty for the expungement of the
criminal records for certain offenses.  A conviction for any
municipal offense or infraction, and certain misdemeanors may be
expunged.  The expungement of a record is allowed only when at
least eight years have elapsed since the person requesting the
expungement has completed his or her imprisonment or period of
probation or parole and the person has not been convicted of or
been placed on probation for a misdemeanor or felony during that

Any individual wanting to expunge a criminal record may file a
verified petition for expungement in the civil division of the
circuit court where at least one of the violations occurred
naming as defendants all agencies and entities whom the
petitioner has reason to believe may possess the record.  The
court must schedule a hearing on the expungement petition no
sooner than 30 days from the filing of the petition and must give
reasonable notice of the hearing to each official agency or the
entity named in the petition.  If a court grants the order of
expungement, the records and files maintained in any
administrative or court proceeding in an associate circuit or
circuit court for any offense ordered expunged will be
confidential and only available to the parties or by order of the
court for good cause shown.  An individual is only allowed to
have one petition for expungement granted under these provisions.
A surcharge of $500 must be assessed as costs on all petitions
for expungement filed under these provisions and deposited into
the General Revenue Fund.

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