Summary of the Introduced Bill

HB 1747 -- Weapons

Sponsor:  Wells

This bill reenacts a provision that was repealed by House Bill
294 in 2011 which allows the use of certain otherwise unlawful
weapons if the weapons are being dealt with as a curio, ornament,
or keepsake.

The bill changes the expiration date for a nondriver's license
with a concealed carry endorsement from three to six years from
the date the certificate of qualification was issued.  The
maximum fee that a county sheriff may charge for processing an
application for a certificate of qualification for a concealed
carry endorsement is lowered from $100 to $65 and for a
certificate renewal from $50 to $32.

A person can receive a concealed carry endorsement without
meeting the current requirements if he or she submits a copy of a
certificate of firearms safety training course completion that
was issued on or before August 27, 2011, if it met the
requirements that were in effect on the date it was issued.

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