Summary of the Introduced Version of the Bill

HB 1952 -- Meth Lab Elimination Act

Sponsor: Schatz

This bill removes all methamphetamine precursor drugs from the

list of Schedule IV and Schedule V controlled substances and

reclassifies them to the list of Schedule III. As a result of

the reclassification, a physician's prescription will be required

to obtain any of these drugs unless the product is exempted under

these provisions or is a dietary supplement, herb, or natural

product that contains naturally occurring ephedrine alkaloids if

the substances do not exceed 15% of the total weight of the

supplement, herb, or natural product.

The bill allows, upon the written application of a manufacturer,

the Department of Health and Senior Services to exempt by rule

any product containing any of these methamphetamine precursor

drugs from these provisions if the product is proven to not be

feasible for the conversion of the active ingredient into

methamphetamine. Upon notification from the State Highway Patrol

that it has probable cause to believe that a product exempted by

these provisions is feasible for conversion into methamphetamine,

the department may issue an emergency rule revoking the exemption

for the product pending a full hearing.

These provisions are to be known as the Meth Lab Elimination Act

and will expire August 28, 2014.

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