Summary of the Perfected Version of the Bill


COMMITTEE OF ORIGIN:  Committee on Budget

This substitute authorizes the Director of the Department of
Revenue to issue a temporary permit authorizing the temporary
operation of a motor vehicle or trailer by a buyer for not more
than 30 days from the date of purchase.  The temporary permit may
be purchased from a dealer upon purchase of a motor vehicle or
trailer for which the buyer has registered and is awaiting
receipt of license plates for the use or right to use the
highways of the state.  The fee for the temporary permit cannot
exceed $5.  The department director may reissue a temporary
registration permit at his or her discretion for a motor vehicle
or trailer while proper title and registration are being

Currently, the owner of a commercial motor vehicle licensed with
a 12,000 pound or less gross weight has the option of biennially
registering.  The substitute changes the weight limitation to up
to 54,000 pounds.

The substitute authorizes the department director to issue motor
vehicle dealer licenses valid for up to a two-year period and to
stagger the license periods for administrative efficiency.

Currently, to obtain the I'm Pet Friendly special license plate,
a person must pay a $25 emblem-use authorization fee to the
Missouri State Humane Association and submit to the department
director an application along with an emblem-use authorization
statement issued by the association.  The substitute allows a
person to pay the $25 emblem-use fee to the department director
at the time of registration for deposit into the Missouri Pet
Spay-Neuter Fund.

FISCAL NOTE:  Estimated Net Income on General Revenue Fund of
$2,369,778 in FY 2013, $3,023,459 in FY 2014, and $3,023,459 in
FY 2015.  Estimated Net Cost on Other State Funds of $2,287,788
in FY 2013, $2,745,346 in FY 2014, and $2,745,346 in FY 2015.

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