SB0526T-Truly Bill Summary (House)


This bill requires that seasonal resorts located in counties of the third classification be inspected by the Department of Health by August 1 of each year.

The bill also gives hotel operators the right to refuse or deny the use of a room, accommodations, facilities, or other privileges of the hotel if:

(1) An individual is unwilling or unable to pay for the room;

(2) An individual is visibly intoxicated, under the influence of alcohol or other drug, and is disorderly so as to create a public nuisance;

(3) The operator believes the room or accommodation is being sought for unlawful purpose;

(4) Something is being brought in which may create an unreasonable danger or risk, including explosives or the unlawful use of firearms; or

(5) An individual's use of a room or accommodations would result in a violation of the maximum capacity of the hotel.

Hotel operators will be allowed to require prospective guests to demonstrate an ability to pay for the accommodations and to require parents and guardians of prospective minor guests to supply a security deposit or be financially responsible for any damages caused by the minor guest.

The bill lists reasons why a hotel operator may remove a guest from the hotel. Hotel operators may also require that prospective guests provide a valid form of identification.

A guest register may be kept and maintained.

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