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Missouri House of Representatives
Member Roster
State Capitol
201 West Capitol Avenue
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Area code is (573)

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DistrictCapitolCapitol Capitol
RepresentativePartyPhoneRoom FaxInternet Address
Mark C. Abel 103-D751-4787410A522-2442
W. Todd Akin 086-R751-1186115A
Bill Alter 090-R751-2732201C
Ron Auer 059-D751-4567411-2751-2769
Gracia Y. Backer 020-D751-2070302B526-2801
Charles Ballard 140-R751-9809201A526-8965
Rex Barnett 004-R751-9465116A2751-6854
Joan Barry 100-D751-9804304B526-4767
Linda Bartelsmeyer 132-R751-9806115J522-1106
Matt Bartle 056-R751-1464109H
Jon Bennett 015-R751-9627109I526-4821
Sam Berkowitz 001-D751-7985415A
Judy Berkstresser 141-R751-1503105I526-0581
Lanie Black 161-R751-4560116-1
Matt Blunt 139-R751-2948116-3751-6854
Matt Boatright 118-R751-9774105H751-5123
Dennis Bonner 051-D751-5701409A526-7337
Bill Boucher 048-D751-7335313-3526-1964
Amber (Holly) Boykins 060-D751-4415110B
Joan Bray 084-D751-2514412A
Phillip M. Britt 163-D751-8591130DC
Gary L. Burton 128-R751-7082201G526-1066
Marsha Campbell 039-D751-4485405B526-0571
Paula J. Carter 061-D751-6500315751-0316
Norma Champion 134-R751-2583105A751-5123
Rich Chrismer 016-R751-2949101I751-5123
Connie J. Cierpiot 052-R751-9759135AA526-7617
Robert Clayton 010-D751-9614114C526-0513
Larry Crawford 117-R751-2134115I
Wayne F. Crump 152-D751-2101309526-1865
Melba J. Curls 041-D751-3158235BA526-3969
D. J. Davis 122-D751-1500406A751-0733
Dorathea Davis 063-D751-2606235526-1437
Rita D. Days 071-D751-4468313526-1239
Jonathan Dolan 013-R751-4964135BC522-3383
Patrick Dougherty 067-D751-3599205751-0266
T. Mark Elliott 127-R751-5458201B526-1066
Catherine S. Enz 099-R751-9768135AB526-0559
Brent Evans 092-R751-9765105J
Ted Farnen 021-D751-9458407A526-8943
Rodger Fitzwater 036-D751-9757400CA526-2380
James Michael Foley 081-D751-0855310526-2067
Louis H. Ford 058-D751-2383402751-0940
Bill I. Foster 156-R751-3859203C751-6854
Richard Franklin 053-D751-6535306751-9418
Barbara Fraser 083-D751-4163130DB
James V. Froelker 111-R751-6668109B522-8036
Derio L. Gambaro 065-D751-4220236B
Sam Gaskill 131-R751-9801102BA751-5123
Steve Gaw 022-D751-2700308751-5988
Thomas E. George 074-D751-2135406B522-2458
Michael R. Gibbons 094-R751-2853107751-8727
Chuck Graham 024-D751-2162111
James E Graham 106-R751-3455105B751-5123
William (Bill) Gratz 113-D751-0665206C526-4766
Timothy P. Green 073-D751-6845408A751-2654
John E. Griesheimer 109-R751-3678106A526-7739
Charles Gross 018-R751-1141201D526-1066
Russell Gunn 070-D751-4726135751-6724
Mary M. Hagan-Harrell 075-D751-5836316
Mark Hampton 147-D751-4804415B522-2410
Catherine L Hanaway 087-R751-8510103BA526-2618
Tim Harlan 023-D751-9753400CC526-1088
Ed Hartzler 123-R751-2175115D526-1313
Vicky Hartzler 124-R751-9780115F522-3379
Daniel J. Hegeman 005-R751-0246101D526-7740
Carl Hendrickson 097-R751-9766101G751-5123
John Hickey 080-D751-4670317B526-2039
Robert Hilgemann 064-D751-1400114B522-5652
Martin (Bubs) Hohulin 126-R751-2165101C
Roy W. Holand 135-R751-2210101F526-4716
Katherine Hollingsworth 101-D751-1311235BA
Thomas Hoppe 046-D751-9469403A
Craig Hosmer 138-D751-9474404B526-6081
Jim Howerton 120-R751-1484105E522-5598
Mary C. Kasten 158-R751-2459200B751-5123
Pat Kelley 047-R751-1456109A526-1888
Glenda Kelly 027-D751-9755207526-1965
Harry Kennedy 066-D751-2126114A522-2465
Jerry R King 125-R751-5388109D522-2443
Don R. Kissell 017-D751-9628408B526-8479
David Klindt 003-R751-1415116-4751-6854
Don Koller 153-D751-2112413A526-6856
Jim Kreider 142-D751-2956301526-0507
Scott Lakin 033-D751-6600206B751-6545
Maurice Lawson 029-D751-9460207A522-5025
Sam Leake 009-D751-7852311751-4011
Kenneth Legan 145-R751-3819200A526-1888
David Levin 082-R751-9762135BA526-1967
Chris Liese 085-D751-1832411B526-2649
William C. Linton 089-R751-1247201BA751-2728
Don Lograsso 054-R751-1487105G
Beth L. Long 146-R751-4451201E
John Loudon 088-R751-9763115G751-6854
Blaine Luetkemeyer 115-R751-2077109G
Bill Luetkenhaus 012-D751-2176233A526-0592
Gary Marble 130-R751-9781135AC526-2576
Brian H. May 108-D751-0438112751-0733
Carol Jean Mays 050-D751-7639206A751-6545
Jerry E. McBride 149-D751-4950302A526-1382
Emmy L. McClelland 091-R751-1285115C751-6854
Ryan Glennon McKenna 102-D751-2504305A522-2466
Steve McLuckie 044-D751-2437412B751-0733
Denny J. Merideth III 162-I751-2264200BC522-1067
Ronnie Miller 133-R751-1347115H522-3379
Ralph A. Monaco 049-D751-9851405A
Jim Murphy 095-R751-2150109C526-8794
Dana L. Murray 069-D751-5538313-2526-0572
Peter Myers 160-R751-5471109E522-2443
Patrick A. Naeger 155-R751-9812103BC526-4716
Charles Nordwald 019-R751-2689105D
Patrick O'Connor 079-D751-2726317A526-7997
James P. O'Toole 068-D751-2251303B
Cindy Ostmann 014-R751-2250115E751-6854
Francis S. Overschmidt 110-D751-2398403B526-1963
Kelly Parker 150-D751-2108304A
Jewell Patek 007-R751-2917116-2751-6854
Susan C. Phillips 032-R751-2071109G
Fred Pouche 030-R751-9756116-5751-6854
Charles R. Pryor 116-R751-4119101J526-1889
Chuck Purgason 151-R751-1882109F
Bill L. Ransdall 148-D751-1727410B526-7768
Michael J Reid 078-R751-5365135BB
Annie Reinhart 034-R751-1218116A1526-0539
Randall H. Relford 006-D751-9818234751-7928
David L. Reynolds 077-D751-9761411A526-2649
Mark L. Richardson 154-R751-4039201CA751-5271
Luann Ridgeway 035-R751-2238105F526-8720
Terry Riley 043-D751-2124130DA751-2124
Henry C. Rizzo 040-D751-3310413B526-1947
Estel Robirds 143-R751-2042102BB751-5123
Carson Ross 055-R751-8636105C751-5123
Mary Lou Sallee 144-R751-2205101H751-5123
May Scheve 098-D751-9472401A522-3369
Mike Schilling 136-D751-2652412C526-6797
David Schwab 157-R751-6662203A526-2454
Delbert Scott 119-R751-8793204526-8793
Patricia K. Secrest 093-R751-4392101A751-5123
James Seigfreid 026-D751-2204236A522-5648
Harold R. Selby 105-D751-4822300A
O.L. Shelton 057-D751-2198407B751-0733
Charles W. Shields 028-R751-9476101E526-4765
Bill Skaggs 031-D751-2199414751-4559
Philip Smith 011-D751-9459404A522-1459
Lana Ladd Stokan 076-D751-9760300B526-1393
Don Summers 002-R751-0224101B751-5123
Chuck Surface 129-R751-2173201F526-1066
Betty L. Thompson 072-D751-4265134526-4934
Vernon Thompson 037-D751-1309312
Merrill M. Townley 112-R751-1344106B
Joseph L. Treadway 096-D751-2315401B
Charles Quincy Troupe 062-D751-2851113526-1684
Bill Tudor 045-R751-5543103BB526-2618
Tim Van Zandt 038-D751-5282400CB526-2578
Carl Vogel 114-R751-2076115B
Wes Wagner 104-D751-7735305B522-2466
Dan Ward 107-D751-2317235BB
Gary Wiggins 008-D751-1042303A526-6934
Deleta Williams 121-D751-2272314526-7381
Marilyn A. Williams 159-D751-0728400526-7999
Vicky Riback Wilson 025-D751-1169110A526-3996
Yvonne S. Wilson 042-D751-9758409A
Mark Wright 137-R751-6562101K526-7313
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