Frequently Requested Resources
Missouri House of Representatives
Frequently Requested Resources

We are frequently asked for help in finding the following types of information. Please check the resources listed below for responses s to your questions.
How to Address Government Officials
Missouri Representatives E-mail Addresses
Contacting the Governor's Office
State of Missouri Home Page
Who is my Representative and/or Senator?
Who are my County officials?
Who are my US Representatives?
Missouri Senate E-mail Addresses
Missouri State Statutes
Missouri Constitution
Driver and Automobile Licensing
State Symbols
Birth & Death Records
Term Limits
Candidate Filing Information
Glossary of Terms
House and Senate Joint Bill Search
Joint Committee on Administrative Rules
Tax Forms, Tables and Charts
Professional Licensing
Starting a New Business
Utilities Regulation
Code of State Regulation (CSRs)
Administrative Rules
Missouri Judiciary
Voting & Elections
Ballot Issues
Job Opportunities in State Government
Bid Opportunities
State Boards & Commissions
Statutes Popular Name Table
Missouri Ethics Commission