Live Debates

Problems with audio:
  • It comes up in Media Player, what happened to Real Player?
    -We have consolidated onto one format. Windows Media can be played through Real Player if you prefer, just associate Real Player with the filetype (Open Real Player, go to the Tools menu, Content, Media Types and choose Windows Media, then click OK.)
  • It won't play / There is no sound.
    -There are several reasons for this. If it gives an error message stating that it cannot connect or find the server, then you probably are on a network that blocks Windows Media. If it is "playing" but there is no sound, the House or Senate may be in Hearings or Committee Meetings. Only the Chambers are currently webcast.
  • I want to hear something I missed.
    -Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of discussion that occurs in the Chambers, we cannot maintain audio records of everything. The House and Senate staff maintain audio of the more significant events related to the two Chambers on the House Audio Page and the Senate Audio Page, respectively.