91st General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
House Bills Withdrawn from Consideration

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HB1043 Bearden, Carl HB 1043 2/7/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 2701L.01I - Requires school boards to establish the daily observance of one minute of silence in each classroom.
HB1046 Gaskill, Samuel HB 1046 1/21/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 2472L.01I - Allows person to physically intervene to protect the U.S. flag with reasonable force and not be civilly liable for actions to prevent defilement or destruction of the flag.
HB1135 Bonner, Dennis HB 1135 1/22/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 2519L.01I - Revises election process for members of the Kansas City School Board.
HB1145 Green, Thomas HB 1145 2/21/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 3221L.01I - Names the Missouri River bridge on route 364 that connects St. Louis and St. Charles counties the "American Military Veterans Bridge".
HB1175 Hickey, John HB 1175 1/29/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 3065L.01I - Provides for disposition of certain property acquired by the public for airport purposes.
HB1176 Hickey, John HB 1176 1/29/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 3066L.01I - Authorizes study of airport noise in St. Louis area.
HB1185 Ostmann, Lucinda HB 1185 1/22/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 2485L.01I - Repeals section 250.140 relating to sewage service.
HB1186 Hosmer, William HB 1186 1/17/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 2722L.01I - Creates faculty representative positions on all university boards of governors and makes other changes to higher education.
HB1197 Wagner, Howard HB 1197 1/15/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 2690L.01I - Provides for reimbursement of fire protection district indebtedness by a city that annexes a portion of the district.
HB1201 Smith, Philip HB 1201 12/17/2001 Withdrawn (H)
 3229L.01I - Revises the licensing of nursing home administrators.
HB1210 Boucher, Arthur HB 1210 1/15/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 2708L.01I - Exempts all pension amounts for taxpayers 70 1/2 years of age or older.
HB1229 Johnson, Rick HB 1229 1/14/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 2933L.01I - Creates various sexual misconduct crimes.
HB1234 Harding, Margaret HB 1234 1/30/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 3187L.01I - Amends exotic animal registration by requiring it be done within 2 weeks of coming into possession of the animal and expands definition of exotic.
HB1238 Hegeman, Daniel HB 1238 1/16/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 2558L.01I - Allows a city or county to submit a ballot question on whether maintenance levies should be assessed before full repayment of bonds.
HB1324 Boucher, Arthur HB 1324 1/24/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 2409L.03I - Allows records concerning sex offenders to be released in certain circumstances.
HB1345 Naeger, Patrick HB 1345 2/14/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 3375L.01I - Requires school districts to provide transportation for certain nonpublic school students.
HB1354 Reynolds, David HB 1354 3/6/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 3401L.01I - Changes the name of the Missouri Commission for the Deaf to the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
HB1387 Boucher, Arthur HB 1387 3/11/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 3713L.01I - Allows records concerning sex offenders to be released in certain circumstances.
HB1405 Burton, Gary HB 1405 1/17/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 3591L.01I - Provides for the disincorporation of certain road districts by a vote of the residents of the district.
HB1413 Burcham, Tom HB 1413 2/6/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 2548L.01I - Authorizes a conveyance of state property to the St. Francois County Habitat for Humanity.
HB1442 Relford, Randall HB 1442 2/12/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 3707L.02I - Designates portion of highway 116 in Clinton County as the "David Rice Atchison Memorial Highway".
HB1462 Rizzo, Henry HB 1462 1/16/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 2973L.01I - Allows aliens to obtain drivers' licenses after providing certain information to the Department of Revenue.
HB1484 Johnson, Rick HB 1484 1/28/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 2931L.03I - Creates a Board of Private Investigators and requires persons who conduct private investigations to be licensed.
HB1493 Seigfreid, James HB 1493 1/29/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 3792L.01I - Requires the Ethics Commission to provide a copy of the commission's reporting files to the general assembly.
HB1513 Burton, Gary HB 1513 1/22/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 3730L.01I - Provides for disincorporation of road districts in certain counties.
HB1531 Hoppe, Thomas HB 1531 1/21/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 3602L.01I - Changes requirements and regulations for emergency services and personnel.
HB1583 Monaco, Ralph HB 1583 2/4/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 3919L.01I - Creates special license plates for members of the Society for Creative Anachronism and members of the Missouri Civil War Reenactment Association.
HB1590 Dolan, Jonathan HB 1590 2/20/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 4200L.01I - Designates the Missouri River bridge on route 364 connecting St. Louis and St. Charles counties the "American Military Veterans Bridge".
HB1642 Monaco, Ralph HB 1642 2/21/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 3156L.01I - Enacts the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.
HB1673 Koller, Don HB 1673 1/30/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 4213L.01I - Designates a portion of highway 63 as the "Trooper Kelly L. Poynter Memorial Highway".
HB1687 Relford, Randall HB 1687 2/20/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 4098L.02I - Changes requirements for local government bodies who contract for joint utility commissions.
HB1749 Monaco, Ralph HB 1749 2/21/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 4396L.01I - Creates the crimes of attempted forcible rape and sodomy and classifies the attempts and forcible rape and sodomy as class A felonies.
HB1774 Crawford, Larry HB 1774 2/6/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 4158L.02I - Requires all state employees who have accrued more than forty hours of compensatory time to be paid for any additional compensatory hours or use the additional time as time off.
HB1958 Whorton, Jim HB 1958 3/6/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 4470L.01I - Specifies which inventory qualifies for repurchase from the retailer and which does not qualify.
HB2054 Long, Elizabeth HB 2054 3/18/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 4842L.01I - Allows all counties to set speed limits on county roads.
HB2085 Richardson, Mark HB 2085 3/7/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 4949L.02I - Alters the laws controlling limited liability corporations and corporations.
HJR44 Copenhaver, Nancy HJR 44 1/31/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 4377L.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to hunt, fish, and harvest game.
HR67 Marsh, B J HR 67 2/6/2002 Withdrawn (H)
 4112L.01 - Recognizes April 24th as a "Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide".
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