92nd General Assembly , 1st Regular Session
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HB198 Stevenson, Bryan CCS SS HB 198 5/16/2003 Conference Committee Substitute (S)
 0630S.10C - Revises criminal laws.
HB412 Goodman, Jack CCS SS HB 412 5/16/2003 Conference Committee Substitute (S)
 0561S.01P - Revises lobbying and campaign finance laws.
HB427 Byrd, Richard CCS SCS HCS HB 427 5/13/2003 Third Read and Passed (H)
 1618L.08S - Establishes the Basic Civil Legal Services Fund to make funding available for basic civil legal services to low-income persons.
HB517 Lembke, Jim SS SCS HS HCS HB 517, 94, 149, 150 & 342 5/15/2003 House Conference Committee Appointed (H)
 1169S.18F - Creates the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act.
SB36 Klindt, David CCR#3 HCS SS SCS SB 36
 0424L.18C - Requires risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis be prepared when certain environmental rules are promulgated.
SB173 Quick, Edward HS HCS SB 173
 0411L.05F - Modifies initial term of office for certain fire protection district directors.
SB246 Steelman, Sarah HS HCS SCS SB 246
 0728L.10F - Modifies provisions for PSC residency, staffing and ex parte communications.
SB361 Steelman, Sarah HS SS SCS SB 361, 103, 156, & 329
 1280S.03P - Extends the fee on waste tires to 2006.
SB469 Bartle, Matthew HS HCS SB 469
 1637L.05F - Modifies service of summons in landlord-tenant actions.
SB695 Goode, Wayne HS SS#2 SB 695
 2016L.09P - Modifies the law relating to the funding of Medicaid services.
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