92nd General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Senate Bills in House Committees

BillSponsorBill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
SB700 Russell, John SCS SB 700
 2970S.03P - Creates an enterprise zone in Laclede County.
SB710 Goode, Wayne HCS SCS SB 710
 2638L.15C - Amends various provisions regarding the use of child restraint systems in motor vehicles.
SB715 Childers, Doyle SS SS SCS SB 715
 2789S.10P - Changes and creates provisions relating to counties.
SB718 Yeckel, Anita SS SS SB 718
 2994S.06P - Creates the Small Business Regulatory Fairness board to serve as liaison between agencies and small businesses.
SB730 Gross, Charles CCS HS HCS SS SCS SB 730
 2966S.13T - Creates the Missouri Homestead Preservation Act.
SB732 Gross, Charles HCS SS SB 732
 2861S.03T - Modifies laws relating to recreation and entertainment districts.
SB739 Klindt, David CCR#2 HCS SB 739
 2973L.03C - Requires DNR to provide an impact statement on rules and state the reasons for denial of permits.
SB740 Klindt, David HCS SS SCS SBs 740, 886 & 1178
 2456L.06T - Modifies various laws relating to agriculture programs.
SB754 Vogel, Carl HCS SCS SB 754
 2769L.12C - Creates the Exhibition Center & Recreation Facility District Act.
SB757 Shields, Charles SCS SB 757
 3086S.03T - Modifies various laws relating to motor vehicles.
SB758 Griesheimer, John CCS HCS SCS SB 758
 2524S.05T - Modifies laws relating to local taxes.
SB762 Champion, Norma CCS HS HCS SCS#2 SB 762
 3212L.06T - Modifies various provisions relating to foster care and protective services for children.
SB767 Clemens, Dan SCS SB 767
 3059S.02T - Designates the portion of Interstate 44 within Webster County the Edwin P. Hubble Memorial Highway.
SB768 Nodler, Gary SB 768
 2596S.02P - Articulates new qualifications for the board of governors of Missouri Southern State University - Joplin.
SB769 Nodler, Gary HCS SB 769
 3143L.03T - Establishes procedures for disincorporation of a road district in Jasper County.
SB770 Nodler, Gary SB 770
 2804S.01I - Removes a portion of I-44 from the designation of George Washington Carver Memorial Highway.
SB771 Bray, Joan HCS SCS SB 771
 2751L.04C - Allows operators of low-speed vehicles to use public highways under certain conditions.
SB772 Bray, Joan SB 772
 3159S.01T - Allows certain motor vehicles that stop to load or unload passengers to use flashing warning signals.
SB781 Caskey, Harold SB 781
 3002S.01I - Modifies judge disqualification in witness immunity applications.
SB782 Caskey, Harold HCS SCS SB 782
 2815L.04T - Modifies laws relating to county treasurers.
SB783 Mathewson, James SB 783
 3180S.01I - The State Fair Commission.
SB788 Childers, Doyle SCS SB 788
 2475S.04T - Exempts persons operating fire equipment during nonemergency functions from possessing a CDL.
SB789 Childers, Doyle SCS SB 789
 2956S.02P - Modifies the classification of counties.
SB799 Steelman, Sarah HCS SCS SB 799
 2727L.08T - Modifies laws relating to vital records and the disposition of fetal remains.
SB803 Gross, Charles SB 803
 3097S.01I - Enables the Division to meet with children in school buildings unless the abuse is alleged to have occurred there.
SB807 Loudon, John SB 807
 3142S.01P - Authorizes special motion to dismiss actions seeking damages against a person for conduct or speech made in connection with a public hearing or meeting.
SB808 Klindt, David SB 808
 2740S.02I - Establishes the Missouri Biomass Technology Commission.
SB810 Klindt, David SCS SB 810
 2964S.04T - Immunity from civil liability for certain landowners owning land adjoining public trails.
SB824 Griesheimer, John HCS SB 824
 3090L.03T - Modifies law regarding the seizure of motor vehicles that have missing or illegible identification numbers.
SB827 Bartle, Matthew SCS SB 827
 2723S.02C - Allows appeals from orders granting or denying class action certification.
SB837 Caskey, Harold SCS SB 837
 3031S.02P - Requires the director of revenue to provide notice of certain remedied delinquencies.
SB842 Childers, Doyle SB 842
 2793S.02T - Changes the expiration date of a lodging establishment license.
SB845 Yeckel, Anita HCS SCS SB 845
 3015L.06C - Establishes the Grand Army of the Republic Veterans' Memorial Highway on a portion of Interstate 44.
SB847 Bland, Mary SB 847
 2668S.01P - Enables persons with hardships to pay property taxes in installments.
SB859 Klindt, David SCS SB 859
 2963S.02T - Allows the Highway Patrol officers to hold positions as school board members.
SB870 Bartle, Matthew HS HCS SB 870
 2735L.11T - Prohibits locating sexually-oriented billboards within one mile of a state highway.
SB878 Goode, Wayne SCS SB 878
 2796S.04T - Gas Corporations and Experimental Tariffs.
SB883 Klindt, David SB 883
 2960S.01I - Re-enacts legislation repealed by a prior unconstitutional bill.
SB884 Klindt, David CCS HCS SB 884
 2958S.03T - Instructs the Revisor of Statutes to amend the statutes to reflect certain court decisions.
SB888 Goode, Wayne SB 888
 2651S.01P - Disallows the deduction for property tax paid to another state on nonresident income tax returns.
SB894 Goode, Wayne SB 894
 3048S.01I - Amends the current Missouri bumper height law for certain motor vehicles.
SB899 Goode, Wayne SB 899
 3049S.01T - Amends the school bus inspection law to include the inspection of frames on school buses.
SB900 Goode, Wayne HCS SB 900
 2765L.04C - Vehicles manufactured twenty-six years prior to the current model year are exempt from the emission inspection program.
SB901 Goode, Wayne SCS SB 901
 2650S.05T - Changes jurisdiction over underground storage tanks from the Clean Water Commission.
SB920 Caskey, Harold SB 920
 3307S.01T - Makes various changes to the power and authority of the State Water Patrol.
SB921 Caskey, Harold SCS SB 921
 3309S.03T - Establishes that review hearings to place offenders in administrative segregation are not contested cases.
SB932 Loudon, John HS SB 932
 3073S.01T - Removes the salaries of elected officials from those not considered wages for unemployment benefits.
SB937 Gross, Charles SCS SB 937
 3181S.05P - Creates the Missouri Catalog of Assistance Programs.
SB941 Coleman, Maida SCS SB 941
 3391S.02P - Authorizes a three-year bid cycle for financial services for the St. Louis Public Schools.
SB942 Nodler, Gary HCS SCS SBs 942, 850 & 841
 3339L.04T - Authorizes the conveyance of various parcels of state land.
SB945 Gibbons, Michael HCS SCS SB 945 AND SB 803 AND SB 1257
 3365L.04T - Directs the State Board of Education to assist and encourage school districts in adopting service-learning programs.
SB951 Griesheimer, John SB 951
 3430S.01T - Eliminates the requirement that political subdivisions file a copy of their contracts with certain offices.
SB952 Wheeler, Charles SCS SB 952
 3473S.02T - Modifies and adds provisions relating to the salaries of certain Kansas City police officers.
SB956 Scott, Delbert SCS SB 956
 3265S.02T - Allows persons operating animal-driven vehicles to use lanterns and reflective material during nighttime hours.
SB960 Gibbons, Michael HCS SS SCS SB 960
 2757L.06T - Modifies various laws relating to property tax assessment.
SB961 Champion, Norma SCS SB 961
 3520S.02P - Creates requirements for orders and ordinances of political subdivisions relating to amateur radio antennas.
SB962 Clemens, Dan SCS SB 962
 3337S.02T - Requires athletic trainers to be licensed rather than registered.
SB966 Shields, Charles SB 966
 3129S.01T - Modifies employment security laws relating to temporary employees.
SB968 Shields, Charles CCS HS HCS SS SCS SB 968 AND SCS SB 969
 3402S.15T - Modifies various laws relating to education.
SB969 Shields, Charles SB 969
 3393S.01I - Removes the proration factor for purposes of calculating career ladder payments.
SB972 Stoll, Steve HCS SCS SB 972
 2579L.07T - Creates a Public Safety Medal of Valor for certain public safety officers.
SB974 Dougherty, Patrick SCS SB 974
 3429S.02T - Modifies the State Legal Expense Fund.
SB980 Bartle, Matthew SCS SB 980
 3567L.02P - Repeals expired and ineffective statutory provisions.
SB983 Quick, Edward SCS SB 983
 3392S.04P - Creates a transfer upon death process for manufactured home owners.
SB987 Quick, Edward SCS SB 987
 3305S.03T - Changes provisions relating to water districts and water and sewer bonds.
SB988 Steelman, Sarah SCS SB 988
 3678S.02P - Modifies waste tire fees and subsequent programs relating to those fees.
SB992 Cauthorn, John SCS SB 992
 3156S.03T - Changes the definition of containers approved for transporting anhydrous ammonia.
SB1000 Bartle, Matthew HS HCS SS SB 1000
 3639S.19T - Modifies laws relating to DNA profiling and testing.
SB1003 Gibbons, Michael SCS SB 1003
 3472S.04T - Creates a comprehensive children's mental health service system.
SB1006 Goode, Wayne SCS SB 1006
 3653S.02T - Designates a portion of Missouri Route 364 in St. Louis County as the "Buzz Westfall Memorial Highway."
SB1007 Goode, Wayne SB 1007
 3735S.01P - Requires all gubernatorial appointments to be with the advice and consent of senate.
SB1012 Caskey, Harold HCS SB 1012
 3680L.02T - Modifies laws relating to the collection of property taxes.
SB1020 Steelman, Sarah CCS HS HCS SCS SBs 1020, 889 & 869
 2728S.12T - Modifies provisions of Sunshine Law.
SB1023 Griesheimer, John HCS SS SB 1023
 3816L.03C - Creates criminal use of property by operating audiovisual recording devices while in a movie.
SB1027 Cauthorn, John HCS SCS SBs 1027 & 896
 3585L.09C - Makes changes to the bail bondsmen and surety recovery agents licensing provisions.
SB1028 Cauthorn, John SB 1028
 3707S.01I - Modifies state purchasing laws.
SB1034 Childers, Doyle HCS SS SCS SB 1034
 3711L.12C - Regulates Vacation Clubs.
SB1038 Yeckel, Anita HCS SCS SB 1038
 3568L.06C - Revises Banking Laws and Creates "Missouri Higher Education Deposit Program".
SB1040 Griesheimer, John SCS SB 1040
 3853S.05T - Modifies laws relating to solid and hazardous waste management.
SB1044 Shields, Charles SCS SB 1044
 3847S.04P - Makes various modifications to the sections effecting state library.
SB1045 Kinder, Peter SCS SB 1045
 3739S.02P - Makes it a crime to burn a cross with the intent to intimidate any person or group of persons.
SB1047 Kennedy, Harry SB 1047
 3900S.01I - Gives the Children's Division the sole authority to license foster homes and residential facilities.
SB1048 Nodler, Gary SB 1048
 3543S.01I - Revises proof of property taxes procedure for motor vehicles registration for certain tax-exempt organizations.
SB1052 Jacob, Kenneth SB 1052
 2609S.01I - Seeks to eliminate the minimum age qualification for admission to the University of Missouri system.
SB1055 Bartle, Matthew SB 1055
 3891S.01T - Modifies laws relating to the Retirement Board of the Kansas City Police Civilian Employees' Retirement System.
SB1062 Griesheimer, John SCS SB 1062
 3892S.02T - Creates and modifies special licenses available to caterers to serve alcohol at certain functions.
SB1064 Scott, Delbert SB 1064
 3266S.01P - Eliminates the expiration date of Section 488.2205, which allows for collection and distribution of some costs.
SB1066 Steelman, Sarah SCS SB 1066
 3580S.03P - Modifies provisions of tort victims' compensation fund.
SB1075 Coleman, Maida SCS SB 1075
 3991S.02P - To authorize the conveyance of the Midtown Habilitation Center.
SB1076 Caskey, Harold HCS SB 1076
 4042L.02C - Revises law on nonprobate transfers.
SB1078 Loudon, John SCS SB 1078
 3791S.03T - Modifies the criteria used for issuing extraordinary dividends by certain insurance holding companies.
SB1080 Nodler, Gary HCS SB 1080
 3588L.05T - Modifies and creates various laws relating to education accountability.
SB1081 Kinder, Peter CCS HS HCS SS SCS SB 1081
 3591S.14T - Creates procedures for filing lawsuits against residential construction contractors.
SB1083 Kennedy, Harry SB 1083
 4027S.01T - Modifies the age limitation for the testing for lead poisoning in children.
SB1084 Foster, Bill SCS SB 1084
 3761S.04P - Renders alterations to the teacher retirement system.
SB1085 Foster, Bill SCS SBs 1085 & 800
 3709S.03P - Creates a tax return check-off for contributions to chronic illness related organizations.
SB1086 Cauthorn, John SB 1086
 4053S.01T - Restricts lenders from requiring borrowers to obtain homeowners insurance exceeding the property's replacement value.
SB1087 Days, Rita SB 1087
 3730S.01P - Modifies provisions regarding early childhood special education.
SB1091 Klindt, David HCS SCS SB 1091
 3476L.07T - Modifies laws relating to community college facility maintenance.
SB1093 Gibbons, Michael HCS SCS SB 1093
 3931L.04T - Allows treasurers of certain public entities to invest public funds.
SB1096 Caskey, Harold SCS SB 1096
 4109S.02T - Requires manufactured home installers to obtain a license from the Public Service Commission.
SB1099 Gibbons, Michael CCS HS HCS SS SCS SB 1099
 3665S.12T - Implements the Tax Credit Accountability Act.
SB1100 Gibbons, Michael SCS SB 1100
 3718S.04T - Modifies requirements for publishing of administrative rules.
SB1106 Shields, Charles CCS HCS SCS SB 1106
 4084S.06T - Conveys state property located in Buchanan County.
SB1107 Shields, Charles SB 1107
 4078S.02T - Conveys state property to the St. Joseph School District.
SB1111 Klindt, David SB 1111
 2714S.01T - Allows Grundy County to use certain moneys collected to be used for courtroom renovation and technology.
SB1114 Loudon, John HCS SB 1114
 3903L.05T - Modifies laws relating to removal of nuisances.
SB1116 Stoll, Steve HCS SCS SB 1116
 4079L.04C - Include business and cell phone user on no-call list.
SB1122 Shields, Charles HS HCS SS SS SCS SB 1122
 4017L.14T - Modifies laws relating to professional registration.
SB1123 Gibbons, Michael SB 1123
 3576S.02T - Modifies laws related to Medicaid reimbursement for nursing homes.
SB1130 Scott, Delbert SB 1130
 4121S.01T - Allows certain regional planning commission employees to enroll in the Missouri Local Government Retirement System.
SB1133 Foster, Bill SB 1133
 4059S.01P - Removes school principals from certain sections of the Metropolitan school district's teacher tenure statute.
SB1141 Loudon, John SCS SB 1141
 4165S.03P - Changes procedures for the formation of certain levee districts.
SB1144 Dolan, Jonathan HCS SCS SBs 1144, 919, & 874
 4205L.05C - Revises the law relating to disabled license plates and religious photograph driver's license exemption.
SB1153 Cauthorn, John SB 1153
 4256S.01P - Protects Hand Fishing.
SB1155 Cauthorn, John HS SCS SB 1155
 4001L.09T - Modifies various laws relating to economic development.
SB1160 Shields, Charles HS HCS SCS SB 1160
 3666L.07T - Establishes the Prescription Drug Repository Program within the Department of Health and Senior Services.
SB1162 Jacob, Kenneth SB 1162
 4163S.01I - Expands the type of securities that may be used for certain subdivision development laws.
SB1165 Russell, John SB 1165
 4245S.01I - Repeals the Shannon County tourism tax.
SB1166 Caskey, Harold SB 1166
 4276S.01P - Authorizes certain counties to adopt ordinances to impose civil fines for certain misdemeanors.
SB1171 Griesheimer, John HCS SCS SB 1171
 2440L.10C - Codifies the Office of Homeland Security and the Missouri Security Council.
SB1172 Gibbons, Michael SCS SB 1172
 3725S.04T - Creates an archival facility in the City of St. Louis for the preservation of public records.
SB1177 Klindt, David SCS SB 1177
 4155S.02P - Municipal Utility Projects.
SB1181 Yeckel, Anita HCS SCS SB 1181
 4352L.04T - Modifies licensure of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.
SB1183 Dolan, Jonathan HCS SS SCS SB 1183
 3589L.08C - Changes provisions about regulations governing the subdivision of land.
SB1188 Loudon, John SCS SB 1188
 3785S.02T - Modifies requirements for annuity contracts.
SB1195 Klindt, David SCS SB 1195
 2760S.03T - Extends certain prior service of juvenile court personnel to the definition of "juvenile court employee" for the purpose of retirement benefits.
SB1196 Klindt, David HS SCS SB 1196
 4284S.02T - Modifies various laws relating to fireworks regulation.
SB1197 Quick, Edward SCS SB 1197
 4019S.03P - Requires regional recreational district board members in Clay County to be elected.
SB1211 Wheeler, Charles HCS SB 1211
 4203L.03T - Modifies various laws relating to court personnel and procedures.
SB1212 Wheeler, Charles SCS SB 1212
 4451S.04P - Conveys state property, known as the Felix Building, to the Truman Medical Center.
SB1215 Griesheimer, John SCS SB 1215
 4449S.03P - Allows public entities to acquire recover payments made for health care benefits made under a self-insurance plan.
SB1218 Quick, Edward SCS SB 1218
 4486S.02P - Provides title protection for advanced practice registered nurses.
SB1220 Caskey, Harold HCS SCS SB 1220
 4437L.05C - Increases the maximum amount of compensation that certain county officials may receive.
SB1225 Dougherty, Patrick HCS SCS SB 1225
 4398L.03C - Increases the maximum allowable compensation for St. Louis police officers.
SB1229 Caskey, Harold SB 1229
 4452S.01I - Excludes commercially produced tobacco products from items that cannot knowingly be delivered to a jail or prison.
SB1233 Dolan, Jonathan HS SS SCS SBs 1233, 840 & 1043
 2561L.18T - Modifies various laws related to motor vehicles.
SB1235 Loudon, John SCS SB 1235
 4462S.02T - Modifies various laws relating to liquidation of insurance companies.
SB1240 Griesheimer, John SCS SB 1240
 4450S.04P - Allows Franklin County to use funds for a law library to pay off debt from the issuance of bonds.
SB1242 Wheeler, Charles HCS SB 1242
 4520L.02T - Modifies laws relating to the Kansas City Public School Retirement System.
SB1243 Wheeler, Charles SB 1243
 4482S.01T - Requires public administrators serving as a conservator to have pooled accounts audited annually.
SB1247 Dougherty, Patrick HCS SCS SB 1247
 3581L.05T - Modifies various laws relating to the State Legal Expense Fund.
SB1249 Champion, Norma SB 1249
 4584S.01T - Expands the preference given by state purchasing entities to Missouri businesses.
SB1250 Scott, Delbert SCS SB 1250
 4583S.02T - Modifies laws relating to the Missouri Propane Education and Research Council.
SB1253 Mathewson, James SCS SB 1253
 4547S.02T - Clarifies the definition of "city" as it relates to urban redevelopment corporations.
SB1257 Days, Rita SB 1257
 4595S.01P - Students expelled for certain violent behaviors shall not be considered "drop-outs" for MSIP purposes.
SB1259 Childers, Doyle HCS SB 1259
 4271L.03T - Allows certain nonresidents to operate a vessel on the lakes of this state with a temporary boater education permit.
SB1262 Dolan, Jonathan SCS SB 1262
 4571S.07P - Revises the law regarding salvage vehicles.
SB1265 Bartle, Matthew SCS SB 1265
 3826S.02P - Creates requirements for membership on a civilian review board.
SB1269 Yeckel, Anita HS HCS SCS SB 1269
 4670L.07F - Expands the community improvement district law.
SB1274 Shields, Charles HCS SB 1274
 4600L.02T - Establishes the Missouri Area Health Education Centers program.
SB1279 Steelman, Sarah HCS SS SCS SB 1279
 4608L.07T - Creates the Missouri Hospital Infection Control Act.
SB1285 Wheeler, Charles SB 1285
 4671S.02T - Allows certain fee offices to collect the statutory fees for processing motor vehicle transactions.
SB1287 Griesheimer, John SCS SB 1287
 4714S.02P - Changes which state employees may receive paid leave for volunteering as a disaster service volunteer.
SB1296 Callahan, Victor SB 1296
 4727S.01I - Authorizes the conveyance of state property in the Kansas City area.
SB1299 Loudon, John HCS SB 1299
 4729L.02T - Modifies laws relating to residential property insurance.
SB1302 Champion, Norma SB 1302
 4741S.01T - Authorizes the board of governors of Southwest Missouri State University to convey land.
SB1304 Griesheimer, John SCS SB 1304
 4654S.03T - Authorizes districts providing emergency services to reimbursement of at least 50% from the special allocation fund.
SB1311 Wheeler, Charles SB 1311
 4558S.01P - Modifies the credit for taxes paid to another state.
SB1320 Kinder, Peter SB 1320
 4747S.01T - Modifies the bid process for depositaries of state institutions.
SB1322 Mathewson, James SB 1322
 4786S.02P - Signs in Public Buildings.
SB1323 Shields, Charles HCS SB 1323
 4785L.02C - Joint Committee on Education.
SB1329 Griesheimer, John HCS SB 1329
 4722L.07T - Modifies provisions relating to the Warren County Emergency Services Board.
SB1331 Gibbons, Michael SCS SB 1331
 4791S.03T - Expands the definition of "municipality" for purposes of the Missouri Downtown and Rural Economic Stimulus Act.
SB1336 Kennedy, Harry HCS SCS SB 1336
 4806L.07C - Authorizes tax check-off for contributions to Missouri Military Family Relief Fund.
SB1338 Callahan, Victor SB 1338
 4846S.01I - Enables Raytown to establish a sales tax for homeland security.
SB1344 Champion, Norma HS SB 1344
 4813L.02P - Modifies the procedure of the Joint Committee on Economic Development Policy and Planning.
SB1365 Yeckel, Anita HCS SCS SB 1365
 4788L.03T - Creates the Veterans' Historical Education Trust Fund and encourages the development of other veterans' programs.
SB1370 Nodler, Gary SS SB 1370
 4793S.02P - Requires contracts for energy conservation measures in public building to meet certain requirements.
SB1371 Kinder, Peter HCS SS SS SCS SB 1371
 4574L.24C - Closes the drug benefit coverage gap that was created due to the enactment of the Medicare Act of 2003.
SB1391 Foster, Bill HS HCS SB 1391
 4789L.05F - Enables the cities of Steele, Marston, and Mathews to propose a transient guest tax for certain purposes.
SB1394 Vogel, Carl CCS HS HCS SB 1394
 4828S.09T - Modifies laws relating to taxation.
SB1395 Shields, Charles SB 1395
 4002S.03P - Modifies the artists and entertainers tax.
SCR23 Gross, Charles SCR 23
 3299S.01I - Designates 3 bridges within St. Charles and St. Louis County.
SCR24 Cauthorn, John SCR 24
 3027S.01I - Faith Based Community Organizations.
SCR25 Stoll, Steve SCR 25
 3571S.01I - Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision of the Social Security Act.
SCR26 Childers, Doyle HCS SS SCR 26
 3849L.06T - Creation of the Agroforestry Industrialization.
SCR32 Gibbons, Michael HCS SCR 32
 3850S.04F - Character Education Partnership.
SCR34 Caskey, Harold SCR 34
 4381S.01I - Requests Governor to authorize by Executive Order the creation of the Division of Rehabilitation Services for the Blind.
SCR35 Russell, John HCS SCR 35
 3762L.04C - Senator Staples Memorial Building.
SCR36 Gibbons, Michael HCS SS SCS SCR 36
 4332L.08C - Creates a Joint Interim Committee on Underage Drinking.
SCR37 Shields, Charles SCR 37
 4614S.01I - Establishes the Joint Interim Comittee on Teacher Support, Regulatory Reduction and Accountability.
SCR41 Klindt, David SCS SCR 41
 4711S.02C - SCR Missouri River Reservoir System.
SCR44 Yeckel, Anita SCR 44
 4946S.01I - Naturopathic Medicine.
SCR45 Dougherty, Patrick SCR 45
 4967L.01I - Designates the month of April each year as Literacy Month in Missouri.
SCR48 Bland, Mary SCS SCR 48
 2912S.03C - Creates the Hepatitis C task force.
SCR49 Nodler, Gary SCR 49
 5060S.01I - Sound Dollar.
SCR50 Shields, Charles SCR 50
 5093S.01I - Taiwan.
SJR29 Steelman, Sarah SJR 29
 3078S.01T - Amends the Constitution to state that only marriages between a man and a women will be valid and recognized in Missouri.
SJR44 Dolan, Jonathan SCS SJR 44
 2588S.05P - Revises the current transportation funding scheme with respect to various state agencies.
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