94th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Senate Bills Sent to the House for Consideration

BillSponsorBill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
SB3 Gibbons, Michael CCS HCS#2 SS SCS SB 3
 0580S.14T - Enacts provisions on mental health reform
SB4 Gross, Charles SCS SB 4
 0545S.02T - Extends the FRA, Pharmacy Tax, Nursing Facility Reimbursement Allowance, and Medicaid Managed Care Reimbursement Allowance sunsets
SB5 Loudon, John HCS SS SCS SB 5
 0310L.12C - Modifies the laws on child pornography
SB16 Scott, Delbert SCS SB 16
 0236S.03T - Provides that each child enrolled in kindergarten or first grade is to receive a comprehensive vision examination
SB19 Shields, Charles SB 19
 0444S.01P - Allows motor vehicle owners to receive refunds for unused registration fees under certain conditions
SB21 Griesheimer, John SS SCS SB 21
 0256S.04P - Allows for the formation of and conversion to reorganized common sewer districts
SB22 Griesheimer, John CCS HCS SS SCS SB 22
 0382S.12T - Modifies laws relating to political subdivisions
SB25 Champion, Norma CCS HCS SB 25
 0266S.05T - Prohibits closing a child abuse investigation if the child dies during the course of the investigation
SB30 Nodler, Gary CCS HCS SB 30
 0246S.06T - Expands the sales tax exemption for common carriers
SB31 Nodler, Gary SS SB 31
 0313S.02P - Authorizes the Missouri Board of Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects to impose civil penalties
SB40 Ridgeway, Luann HCS SS SB 40
 0214L.06C - Creates various tax incentives for certain energy uses
SB45 Mayer, Robert HCS SCS SBs 45 & 39
 0346L.06C - Allows common household goods common carriers to request rate adjustments from the commission, makes certain indemnity agreements in motor carrier contracts acts void and unenforceable, and repeals e
SB46 Mayer, Robert SCS SB 46
 0353S.03T - Creates the "Faith-Based Organization Liaison Act"
SB47 Engler, Kevin HCS SCS SB 47
 0104L.09T - Modifies provisions regarding fire protection
SB49 Engler, Kevin HCS SS SCS SBs 49, 65, 210 & 251
 0428L.12C - Modifies the state do-not-call list and requires political phone calls to include a "paid for by" statement
SB52 Stouffer, Bill HCS SCS SB 52
 0163L.06C - Authorizes the state Highways and Transportation Commission to accept an annual bid bond for its construction and maintenance projects
SB54 Koster, Chris HCS SCS SB 54
 0467L.03T - Creates renewable energy targets for electric companies
SB62 Goodman, Jack CCS HCS SCS SBs 62 & 41
 0149S.11T - Modifies the laws on the use of force
SB64 Goodman, Jack CCS#3 HCS SCS SB 64
 0543S.12T - Authorizes school districts to set school opening date up to a certain date prior to Labor Day and provides for exemption to make-up days requirement based on inclement weather
SB66 Rupp, Scott SCS SB 66
 0286S.03P - Modifies various provisions of law relating to investments by insurance companies
SB67 Rupp, Scott SCS SB 67
 0287S.02P - Modifies certain provisions relating to missing and endangered persons
SB75 Coleman, Maida HCS SCS SB 75
 0324L.05C - Provides for a tuition limitation for certain combat veterans
SB79 Scott, Delbert SB 79
 0239S.01P - Creates the "State Fair Escrow Fund"
SB81 Griesheimer, John CCS HCS SB 81
 0259S.05T - Allows the city of Sullivan and the portion of the Sullivan C-2 School District located in Franklin County to levy a transient guest tax
SB82 Griesheimer, John CCS HCS SCS SB 82
 0319S.14T - Modifies several provisions of law relating to salvage vehicles
SB84 Champion, Norma CCS HCS SB 84
 0267L.02T - Modifies provisions of criminal background checks for emergency child placements
SB85 Champion, Norma HCS SS SCS SB 85
 0496L.13C - Establishes a drug monitoring program and modifies existing record keeping for controlled substances and pseudoephedrine products
SB86 Champion, Norma CCS#2 HCS SCS SB 86
 0519L.04T - Modifies provisions of the Children in Crisis Tax Credit Program
SB91 Nodler, Gary SCS SB 91
 0326S.02T - Exempts dealers who sell only emergency vehicles from certain dealer licensure requirements
SB102 Stouffer, Bill SB 102
 0172S.01P - Increases the weight limit for certain motor vehicles equipped with idle reduction technology
SB103 Stouffer, Bill SCS SB 103
 0171S.03P - Modifies various provisions that relate to the registration of motor vehicles
SB104 Stouffer, Bill HCS SCS SB 104
 0317L.10C - Modifies various provisions relating to the administration of various highway programs; to wit, the Division of Highway Safety and the Highway Patrol
SB107 Wilson, Yvonne SB 107
 0127S.01P - Creates the crime of distribution of a controlled substance near a park
SB112 Rupp, Scott HCS SS SB 112
 0591L.07T - Removes the reference to sunset of the statute that provides authority for special education of the ages 3 to 21 population
SB115 Scott, Delbert SCS SB 115
 0367S.03P - Authorizes the Governor to convey state property in Pettis County to the Girl Scouts-Heart of Missouri Council, Inc.
SB127 Mayer, Robert HCS SB 127
 0330L.04T - Modifies provisions within the Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Retirement System
SB129 Stouffer, Bill SS#2 SCS SB 129
 0039S.05P - Modifies how local governments can regulate outdoor advertising
SB130 Stouffer, Bill HCS SB 130
 0165L.02C - Allows the Highways and Transportation Commission to void billboard permits under certain conditions
SB132 Rupp, Scott SB 132
 0590S.01P - Allows the state Board of Education to invest in government securities offered at a discount or at less than par value
SB133 Rupp, Scott SB 133
 0588S.01P - Alters provisions regarding expedited due process hearings
SB135 Nodler, Gary SB 135
 0243S.01P - Allows the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority to provide primary school loans
SB137 Bray, Joan SCS SB 137
 0437S.03P - Allows the hiring of a retired teacher to work up to full-time without losing their retirement benefits
SB138 Bray, Joan SB 138
 0434S.01P - Modifies paperwork requirements in the formation of a new political party
SB139 Bray, Joan SB 139
 0442S.01P - Eliminates the annual State of the State Transportation Address given by the Director of the Department of Transportation to the General Assembly
SB140 Rupp, Scott SB 140
 0587S.01P - Provides local boards of education the authority to identify a designee to bind the school district in a settlement agreement reached during the resolution session of a special education due proc
SB150 Mayer, Robert SCS SB 150
 0539S.03P - Limits investment firm and law firm support in bond elections
SB152 Engler, Kevin SB 152
 0031S.02P - Authorizes the Governor to convey state property located in St. Francois County to the city of Park Hills
SB156 Engler, Kevin HCS SCS SB 156
 0534L.07C - Modifies the Missouri Ethanol and Other Renewable Fuel Sources Commission
SB158 Engler, Kevin SB 158
 0615S.01P - Bars entities from discriminating between licensed professional counselors
SB159 Engler, Kevin SCS SB 159
 0614S.02P - Modifies complaint procedures and record retention requirements for complaints against professional licensed counselors and social workers
SB161 Shields, Charles HCS SS#2 SCS SB 161
 0508L.06C - Creates a quality rating system for child care facilities
SB162 Vogel, Carl SB 162
 0055L.01T - Modifies the definition of "state agency" with regard to income tax set offs
SB163 Mayer, Robert HCS#2 SCS SB 163
 0605L.04P - Modifies various provisions with regards to the Basic Civil Legal Services Fund
SB164 Scott, Delbert SB 164
 0288S.03P - Modifies various statutes to implement the Governor's executive order that created the Department of Insurance, Financial and Professional Regulation
SB166 Griesheimer, John SB 166
 0192S.02T - Modifies various provisions relating to tourism
SB171 Nodler, Gary SB 171
 0869S.01P - Changes the name of the board overseeing architects, engineers and land surveyors
SB172 Ridgeway, Luann SB 172
 0544S.01T - Modifies provisions regarding supplemental retirement benefits for Kansas City police officers and civilian employees
SB184 Green, Tim SB 184
 0734S.01P - Creates certain registration requirements for fire protection districts, departments, and volunteer associations
SB195 Crowell, Jason SS SB 195
 0110S.02T - Modifies the law relating to the licensing of pharmacists
SB197 Loudon, John HCS SCS SB 197
 0507L.09C - Modifies law with respect to motor vehicle extended service contracts and enacts similar provisions relating to other types of service contracts
SB198 Mayer, Robert HCS SCS SB 198
 0868L.03T - Modifies the requirements for cooperative agreements with nonprofit organizations in state parks
SB199 Stouffer, Bill HCS SCS SBs 199 & 207
 0968L.05C - Exempts contractors from paying sales taxes on materials used in Department of Transportation projects
SB200 Stouffer, Bill SB 200
 0975S.01P - Authorizes the Highways and Transportation Commission to take the necessary steps to implement and administer a state plan to conform with the Unified Carrier Registration Act of 2005
SB204 Stouffer, Bill HCS SS#2 SCS SB 204
 0926L.12C - Requires all diesel fuel sold at retail in Missouri after April 1, 2009, to be a biodiesel-blended fuel
SB215 Loudon, John SS SCS SB 215
 0058S.09T - Allows for the formation of captive insurance companies within Missouri under certain conditions
SB218 Graham, Charles HCS SB 218
 1108L.02C - Provides the county governing body more control when a regional recreational district is located only in that county
SB223 Rupp, Scott SB 223
 1055S.01P - Modifies the required time frame in which the Air Conservation Commission must set fees for air pollution emissions
SB225 Stouffer, Bill SS SCS SB 225
 0882S.14T - Designates 100-year flood plains as "Hunting Heritage Protection Areas" where hunting shall not be prohibited
SB226 Stouffer, Bill HCS SCS SB 226
 1107S.02C - Requires courts to forward alcohol- or drug-related driving offense dispositions to the Department of Revenue within seven days and requires the Department of Revenue to then forward the information to
SB232 Crowell, Jason HCS SCS SB 232
 1159L.03C - Designates a portion of Missouri Route 74/34 within Cape Girardeau County as the "John Oliver Jr. Parkway" and a portion of U.S. Highway 60 contained in Stoddard County as the "Sergeant Carl Dewayne
SB233 Crowell, Jason CCS SB 233
 0929S.03T - Authorizes a sales tax to fund certain services
SB235 Shields, Charles SCS SB 235
 0876S.05P - Modifies certain provisions relating to the Missouri State Water Patrol
SB236 Shields, Charles SB 236
 1105S.02P - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to develop standards for high-quality mentoring for beginning teachers and principals
SB237 Shields, Charles HCS SB 237
 1149L.03C - Allows Kansas City to establish an administrative adjudication system for adjudicating certain municipal code violations
SB238 Stouffer, Bill SB 238
 1296S.01P - Requires removable windshield placards to be renewed every four years rather than two years
SB239 Stouffer, Bill HCS SS SCS SBs 239, 24 & 445
 1295L.26C - Modifies various provisions relating to the regulation of motor vehicles
SB240 Stouffer, Bill HCS SB 240
 1299L.03C - Authorizes the Director of Revenue to waive the commercial driver's license driving skills test for qualified military applicants
SB244 Mayer, Robert SB 244
 0505S.02P - Extends the termination date for certain alternative retirement provisions in the teacher and school employee retirement systems
SB255 Loudon, John HCS SS SCS SBs 255, 249 & 279
 1250L.05C - Reinstates federal standards for overtime wages
SB257 Engler, Kevin SB 257
 1357S.01T - Modifies the treatment of firearms during state emergencies
SB264 Green, Tim SB 264
 0033S.01P - Alters the process for annexing property to a street light maintenance district
SB268 Coleman, Maida SB 268
 0619L.01P - Modifies provisions regarding benefits and actuarial valuations required for the St. Louis City Police Retirement System
SB269 Scott, Delbert SB 269
 1178S.01P - Reorganizes SEMA within the Department of Public Safety
SB270 Scott, Delbert HCS SB 270
 1182L.02T - Modifies provisions relating to the POST Commission
SB271 Scott, Delbert SB 271
 1170S.01P - Amends requirements for filing financial interest statements
SB272 Scott, Delbert HCS SCS SB 272
 0666L.06T - Modifies the membership of the Advisory Commission for Physical Therapists
SB281 Griesheimer, John SB 281
 1317S.01P - Establishes inactive license status and continuing education requirements for landscape architects
SB284 Griesheimer, John HCS SS SCS SB 284
 0368L.06T - Authorizes statewide video service franchise agreements
SB288 Engler, Kevin HCS SCS SB 288, SB 152 & SCS SB 115
 1319L.04T - Authorizes the Governor to convey certain state properties
SB298 Engler, Kevin SB 298
 1405S.01T - Modifies the election process of hospital district directors in Iron County
SB299 Purgason, Chuck CCS HCS SCS SB 299 & SS SCS SB 616
 1526L.05T - Extends the expiration date for certain provisions allowing for the issuance of special permits by the Supervisor of Alcohol and Tobacco Control to resorts
SB302 Loudon, John SCS SB 302
 0848S.02P - Modifies provisions relating to commercial real estate liens and mechanic liens
SB306 Crowell, Jason HCS SB 306
 1418L.02C - Requires the Office of Administration to provide senators with access to the dome of the state capitol
SB308 Crowell, Jason CCS#2 HCS SCS SB 308
 1150L.04T - Modifies licensing standards and practice of audiologists and hearing instrument specialists
SB309 Stouffer, Bill SCS SB 309
 1539S.02P - Modifies various provisions relating to the realm of surplus lines insurance
SB313 Scott, Delbert CCR HCS#2 SCS SB 313
 1161L.09C - Modifies various provisions relating to regulation of manufactured homes by the Public Service Commission
SB315 Clemens, Dan HCS SB 315
 1293L.02C - Modifies liability for crop damage or destruction
SB320 Clemens, Dan HCS SS SCS SB 320
 0540L.07T - Creates the "Large Animal Veterinary Student Loan Program" and modifies the Large Animal Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program
SB322 Engler, Kevin HCS SB 322
 1536L.04T - Expands commercial zone areas in certain parts of the state
SB323 Graham, Charles HCS SB 323
 1245L.02C - Modifies provisions relating to the Community Children's Services Fund
SB325 Loudon, John HCS SB 325
 1125L.04C - Allows life insurance companies to exclude coverage for suicide deaths under certain circumstances
SB328 Engler, Kevin HCS SCS SB 328
 1407L.05C - Permits yard waste to be deposited into solid waste disposal areas that have been approved by the Department of Natural Resources for use as bioreactors
SB332 Stouffer, Bill SB 332
 1540S.01P - Transfers the administration of the Crime Victims' Compensation Fund from the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to the Department of Public Safety
SB333 Stouffer, Bill HCS#2 SCS SB 333
 1511L.07C - Revises provisions relating to the renamed Missouri Brain Injury Advisory Council
SB334 Griesheimer, John SB 334
 1576S.01P - Modifies the provisions relating to brand extensions for beer products
SB338 Mayer, Robert SB 338
 1578S.01P - Provides that no attorney shall be prohibited from providing uncompensated legal services for needy persons
SB339 Mayer, Robert SCS SB 339
 1248S.06T - Creates the "Fairness in Public Construction Act"
SB345 Shoemyer, Wes SB 345
 1657S.01P - Allows counties to impose a property tax to fund cemetery maintenance
SB352 Clemens, Dan SB 352
 0650S.01T - Adds vehicles driven by conservation agents to the list of vehicles considered "emergency vehicles"
SB358 Engler, Kevin HCS SS SB 358
 1534L.05C - Modifies law regarding when a lienholder must release a motor vehicle lien after it has been satisfied
SB360 Goodman, Jack SCS SB 360
 1476S.03P - Removes the requirement that city managers of third-class cities must be city residents
SB368 Barnitz, Franklin HCS SCS SB 368
 1099L.04C - Modifies requirements for corporate filings
SB369 Scott, Delbert HCS SCS SB 369 & SB 550
 1175L.07C - Modifies requirements for certain law enforcement personnel
SB376 Griesheimer, John CCS HCS SB 376
 1756L.03T - Extends the expiration date from 2010 to 2015 for the Division of Tourism Supplemental Revenue Fund
SB384 Coleman, Maida HCS SCS SB 384
 1752L.04T - Requires persons replacing stolen license plate tabs issued prior to January 1, 2009, to submit notarized affidavits and persons replacing stolen tabs issued on or after January 1, 2009, to submit a
SB389 Nodler, Gary SS#6 SCS SB 389
 1654S.33T - Modifies several provisions regarding the state's higher education system
SB391 Days, Rita SCS SB 391
 1791S.03P - Authorizes the issuance of an additional $40 million in bonds for certain water-related grants and loans
SB393 McKenna, Ryan SCS SB 393
 1842S.02P - Establishes a consolidation process for fire protection districts located wholly in Jefferson County
SB395 McKenna, Ryan SB 395
 1841S.01P - Designates a portion of State Route M between Old Lemay Ferry Road and Moss Hollow Road in the city of Barnhart as the "Officer Stephen Strehl Memorial Highway"
SB397 Stouffer, Bill SCS SB 397
 1779S.02T - Modifies provisions relating to applications for long-term care facilities
SB398 Crowell, Jason SB 398
 1860S.01P - Makes a technical correction to Section 456.5-501 of the Missouri Uniform Trust Code
SB401 Crowell, Jason SB 401
 1531S.01P - Modifies provisions relating to purchases of creditable prior service by members of MOSERS and MPERS
SB402 Crowell, Jason SB 402
 1530S.01P - Modifies provisions regarding retirement plan election options within MOSERS
SB403 Crowell, Jason SB 403
 1520S.02P - Modifies provisions relating to orders for division of benefits under MOSERS
SB404 Crowell, Jason SB 404
 1514S.02P - Modifies provisions relating to the reemployment of retired members of MOSERS
SB406 Crowell, Jason CCS#2 HCS#2 SB 406
 1648S.08T - Modifies several provisions regarding administration of MOSERS
SB407 Shoemyer, Wes SB 407
 1754S.01T - Allows public water supply districts to enter into contracts with other water districts and municipalities to supply water
SB416 Goodman, Jack CCS HCS SB 416
 1753S.03T - Prohibits lands held by certain electric cooperatives and corporations from being adversely possessed
SB417 Goodman, Jack SS SB 417
 1496S.03P - Creates the "Farm Mentoring and Education Fund"
SB418 Champion, Norma SCS SB 418
 1787S.03T - Increases the monthly personal needs payment under the Supplemental Nursing Care Program
SB419 Kennedy, Harry HCS SB 419
 1890L.03C - Modifies the length of term for directors of public water supply districts elected in 2008, 2009, and 2010
SB420 Gibbons, Michael SCS SB 420
 1964S.02T - Provides that no more than four, rather than three, members of the Clean Water Commission may be from the same political party
SB426 Justus, Jolie SB 426
 1970S.01P - Allows the Supreme Court to direct the Judicial Finance Commission to consolidate its annual report with certain other reports
SB428 Purgason, Chuck HCS SS SCS SB 428
 1607L.09C - Prohibits the State of Missouri from participating in the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) or any similar program
SB429 Gibbons, Michael HCS SS SCS SB 429
 0635L.09C - Modifies various provisions relating to crime victims
SB433 Callahan, Victor SB 433
 1804S.01T - Changes laws relating to unemployment compensation for veterans
SB440 Days, Rita SB 440
 2010S.01P - Changes the "Missouri Minority Business Advocacy Committee" to the "Missouri Minority and Women Business Advocacy Committee"
SB456 Gross, Charles SCS SB 456
 2020S.07T - Grants additional payment to school districts in certain situations
SB477 Days, Rita SCS SB 477
 2124S.02P - Modifies certain educational requirements for peace officer training established by the POST Commission
SB478 Gross, Charles SB 478
 1927S.02P - Limits amount of expenditures of revenue from gaming boat admission fees
SB481 Ridgeway, Luann SB 481
 1758S.01P - Modifies provisions regarding the rendering of final decisions and hearing of appeals by certain administrative commissions
SB482 Gibbons, Michael SCS SB 482
 1710S.03P - Expands the definition of marital and family therapy to include the diagnosis of behavior and intrapersonal or interpersonal dysfunctions
SB488 Clemens, Dan SB 488
 2140S.01P - Changes the names of a division, an advisory commission, and several funds within the Department of Agriculture
SB496 Koster, Chris SS SCS SB 496
 1352S.04P - Revises the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
SB497 Scott, Delbert HCS SCS SB 497
 1920L.04T - Modifies provisions relating to administration of county funds
SB498 Scott, Delbert SB 498
 2138S.01P - Modifies reciprocity requirements for professional counselor licenses
SB502 Koster, Chris HCS SB 502
 2200L.03C - Authorizes the Governor to convey an easement over property in Johnson County to the city of Warrensburg
SB509 Scott, Delbert SB 509
 2127S.01P - Modifies the reciprocity requirements for marital and family counselors
SB510 Scott, Delbert SB 510
 2129S.01P - Requires endowed care cemeteries to supply a trust fund report as a prerequisite for license renewal
SB513 Clemens, Dan SB 513
 2170S.01T - Allows nurses working in any area of need to qualify for the Professional and Practical Nursing Student Loan Program
SB516 Goodman, Jack HCS SB 516
 1952L.04C - Eliminates the requirement that summons in cases before associate circuit judges specify a court date no more than 30 days from service
SB520 Engler, Kevin HCS SCS SB 520
 2230L.03C - Modifies requirements for labor posters
SB525 Scott, Delbert SCS SB 525
 2130S.02P - Modifies funeral director and embalmer licenses
SB526 Scott, Delbert SCS SB 526
 2132S.03P - Modifies licensing standards for real estate appraisers
SB530 Gibbons, Michael SCS SB 530
 1527S.02P - Modifies provisions relating to the Alzheimer's Demonstration Project
SB543 Stouffer, Bill HCS SB 543
 2371L.03C - Allows the Department of Revenue to begin reissuance of license plates prior to January 1, 2009
SB549 Scott, Delbert SB 549
 2293S.01P - Adds emergency personnel killed while performing their duties to the list of individuals who are exempt from the formalized highway naming process set forth in Section 227.299, RSMo
SB550 Scott, Delbert SB 550
 2373S.01P - Modifies and updates various superannuated statutes relating to the Missouri Highway Patrol
SB559 Shields, Charles SB 559
 2290S.01P - Allows levee districts to have ten years after the lapse of the corporate charter in which to reinstate and extend the time of the corporate existence
SB577 Shields, Charles CCS HCS SS SCS SB 577
 2227L.07T - Enacts the "Missouri Health Improvement Act of 2007"
SB582 Shoemyer, Wes CCR#2 HCS SB 582
 2375L.02C - Modifies provisions of law relating to sales tax
SB591 Scott, Delbert SS SCS SB 591
 2296S.05T - Modifies laws relating to credit union membership expansion
SB593 Scott, Delbert HCS SB 593 & SCS SB 594
 2413L.03C - Modifies ethics complaint requirements
SB594 Scott, Delbert SCS SB 594
 2411L.02C - Modifies law relating to ethics
SB605 Coleman, Maida SB 605
 2199S.04P - Modifies the "coupling provision" of Section 94.660, which currently requires both the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County to approve a transportation sales tax before a transportation sales tax can go i
SB611 Goodman, Jack SCS SB 611
 2363S.03P - Modifies provisions relating to the public defender system
SB616 McKenna, Ryan HCS SCS SB 299 AND SS SCS SB 616
 2485S.05P - Modifies provisions relating to liquor control
SB638 Bray, Joan SCS SB 638
 2525S.02P - Changes the amount of time for which the board of aldermen of a fourth-class city can lengthen the term of the mayor by ordinance
SB648 Vogel, Carl SB 648
 2528S.01P - Allows the Department of Corrections to disburse federal and other funds
SB654 Kennedy, Harry HCS SS SB 654
 2563L.06C - Allows the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners to delegate some of its powers to hearing officers
SB664 Scott, Delbert HCS SCS SB 664
 2500L.04C - Modifies laws relating to the Board of Nursing Home Administrators
SB666 Scott, Delbert HCS SB 666
 2483L.02C - Allows those in military service to renew professional licenses when they expire while the licensees are serving
SB668 Loudon, John SS SCS SB 668
 2452S.05P - Modifies workers' compensation payments
SB671 Justus, Jolie SB 671
 2520L.01P - Provides changes to the Kansas and Missouri Regional Investment District Compact
SJR8 Ridgeway, Luann SJR 8
 0819S.01P - Elevates the allowable level of bonded indebtedness for school districts from 15 percent to 20 percent
SJR9 Crowell, Jason SCS SJRs 9 & 17
 0928S.03P - Creates an exception to the prohibition against laws retrospective in operation by allowing the sexual offender registry laws to be applied retrospectively
SRB613 Goodman, Jack HCS SRB 613
 0822L.03T - Repeals certain laws that have expired, sunset, terminated, or are ineffective
177 Records
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