95th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Senate Bills Sent to the House for Consideration

BillSponsorBill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
SB577 Shields, Charles SS#2 SCS SB 577
 3568S.07P - Modifies various provisions relating to ethics
SB578 Shields, Charles SS SB 578
 3168S.04T - Allows port authority boards to establish port improvement districts to fund projects with voter-approved sales taxes or property taxes
SB580 Griesheimer, John HCS SS SCS SB 580
 3635L.07C - Modifies various provisions relating to political subdivisions
SB581 Griesheimer, John HCS SB 581
 3162L.04C - Allows the city council of a third class city to submit a question to the voters as an advisory referendum
SB583 Champion, Norma HCS SCS SB 583
 3574L.07T - Entitles consumers with long-term insurance policies and Medicare supplement policies to premium refunds for unearned portions
SB586 Bartle, Matthew HCS SS SCS SBs 586 & 617
 3570L.06T - Regulates sexually oriented businesses
SB588 Nodler, Gary SS SCS SB 588
 3308S.04T - Modifies provisions of law requiring notices of projected tax liability
SB594 Days, Rita SCS SB 594
 3209S.02P - Allows adopted persons eighteen and over to obtain copies of their original birth certificate under certain circumstances
SB604 Mayer, Robert SCS SB 604
 3188S.03P - Prohibits certain large users of water from unduly disrupting farm irrigation activities in the Southeast Missouri Regional Water District
SB605 Mayer, Robert CCR HCS SS SCS SB 605
 3187L.12C - Increases the assessed valuation a county must maintain in order to move into a higher classification
SB614 Wilson, Yvonne SB 614
 3063S.01P - Modifies the definition of "bullying" as used in school district antibullying policies to include cyberbullying and electronic communications
SB616 Goodman, Jack SCS SB 616
 3748S.02P - Enacts provisions relating to community health centers
SB618 Rupp, Scott HCS SS SB 618
 3534L.08C - Requires health carriers to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders under certain conditions
SB621 Lager, Brad SB 621
 3565S.01P - Modifies provisions relating to digital cadastral parcel mapping
SB625 Justus, Jolie SS SCS SB 625
 3090S.03P - Modifies provisions on child care subsidies
SB628 Dempsey, Tom SB 628
 3445S.01P - Requires the auditor of any county with a charter form of government to take an annual inventory of county property with an original value of $1,000 or more, rather than $250
SB629 Dempsey, Tom SB 629
 3572S.01P - Establishes the Missouri Healthy Workplace Recognition Program
SB630 Cunningham, Jane SCS SB 630
 3142S.05T - Modifies various provisions pertaining to manufactured homes
SB636 Lembke, Jim SCS SB 636
 3355S.03P - Modifies various provisions of the prompt pay statutes as they relate to the calculation of interest and penalties, the payment of attorney fees, and other ancillary matters
SB644 Shields, Charles SCS SB 644
 3322S.04T - Modifies provisions of law regarding certain taxes to fund tourism and convention centers
SB649 Days, Rita SB 649
 3207S.01T - Requires the Governor to issue an annual proclamation designating March 12th as "Girl Scout Day"
SB668 Justus, Jolie SB 668
 3084S.01P - Allows the City of Grandview to impose a transient guest tax
SB669 Justus, Jolie SB 669
 3085S.01P - Allows the City of Grandview to seek voter approval for a sales tax to fund public safety improvements
SB670 Justus, Jolie SB 670
 3599S.01P - Modifies provisions relating to the compromise of taxes and penalties for properties subject to certain actions as abandoned property in Jackson County
SB684 Rupp, Scott HCS SB 684
 3335L.02C - Corrects a technical error in a statute pertaining to foreign adoption orders
SB685 Rupp, Scott SCS SB 685
 3295S.02P - Authorizes certain regulatory actions against insurance companies operating in hazardous financial conditions and establishes a risk-based capital trend test calculation for testing an insurance co
SB686 Rupp, Scott HCS SB 686
 3448L.05C - Allows each party to an appeal before the state tax commission one change of hearing officer
SB687 Wright-Jones, Robin SB 687
 3767S.01P - Requires official motor vehicle inspection and emission stations to have liability insurance to cover any possible damages to a vehicle during an inspection
SB693 Wilson, Yvonne HCS SB 693
 3098L.03C - Enacts the Foster Care and Adoptive Parents Recruitment and Retention Fund
SB700 Lager, Brad HCS SCS SB 700
 3792L.05C - Authorizes the creation of exhibition center and recreational facility districts in certain counties
SB714 Crowell, Jason SS SB 714
 3598S.04P - Allows the State Auditor to audit any state or local public employees retirement system
SB716 Goodman, Jack HCS SB 716
 4074L.04C - Allows the Department of Revenue to issue special event motor vehicle licenses to applicants auctioning certain vehicles
SB721 Nodler, Gary SCS SB 721
 3192S.03P - Modifies provisions relating to required travel club assets
SB733 Pearce, David CCS HCS SCS SB 733
 3902S.09T - Modifies provisions of the Bright Flight Scholarship Program
SB734 Pearce, David HCS SS SCS SB 734
 3791L.07C - Creates alternate ways to earn physical education credit and requires regional professional development centers to provide fine arts education assistance
SB739 Lembke, Jim HCS SB 739
 4274L.02T - Modifies the provisions governing fire department residency requirements
SB741 Griesheimer, John CCR HCS SB 741
 4346L.03C - Allows members of an ambulance district board of directors to be subject to recall from office
SB753 Dempsey, Tom SB 753
 4340S.01T - Allows county commissions to invest cemetery trust funds in certificates of deposit
SB754 Dempsey, Tom CCS#2 HCS SCS SB 754
 3900S.09T - Modifies provision related to cemeteries
SB757 Rupp, Scott SS SB 757
 4331S.02P - Establishes the Joint Committee on Recovery Accountability and Transparency and requires amounts withheld from the state budget to be posted on the Missouri accountability portal
SB758 Rupp, Scott SB 758
 4397S.01T - Requires notes, bonds, and other instruments in writing issued by the bi-state development agency to mature not more than forty years from the date of issuance, rather than thirty years
SB767 Bartle, Matthew SB 767
 3056S.01P - Removes the restriction on certain counties using a court fee for courtroom renovation and technology
SB768 Bartle, Matthew SB 768
 3134S.03P - Modifies provisions relating to school districts charging tuition for non-resident children of district teachers and employees
SB771 Scott, Delbert SB 771
 4347S.01T - Modifies provisions relating to financial institutions offering bids to become the official county depositary
SB772 Scott, Delbert SCS SB 772
 3986S.02T - Removes the minimum time for holding investments in the Missouri higher education savings program
SB773 Dempsey, Tom SB 773
 4190S.02P - Allows owners of automated teller machines to charge access fees to those with bank accounts in foreign countries
SB774 Lembke, Jim SCS SB 774
 4370S.02T - Creates additional measures intended to increase safety at the Department of Mental Health
SB777 Pearce, David HCS SCS SB 777
 3576L.06T - Allows for the sale of certain financial products and plans associated with certain loan transactions
SB778 Pearce, David CCR HCS#2 SCS SB 778
 4404L.06C - Changes an expiration date on state universities being able to convey land without authorization from the General Assembly from August 28, 2011 to August 28, 2017, and requires that such conveyance be done at
SB781 McKenna, Ryan SS SCS SB 781
 4466S.05P - Modifies various provisions relating to the regulation of motor vehicles
SB782 McKenna, Ryan SCS SB 782
 4468S.03P - Authorizes the Department of Revenue to transmit certain statutory notices via electronic mail
SB786 Rupp, Scott SS SB 786
 4398S.02P - Requires health benefit plans to provide orally administered anticancer medications on a basis no less favorable than intravenously administered anticancer medications
SB787 Rupp, Scott SCS SB 787
 4148S.03P - Modifies the process for appealing a decision of the department of public safety regarding a crime victims' compensation fund claim
SB791 Griesheimer, John CCS HCS SB 791
 4351S.07T - Modifies provisions pertaining to sewer districts
SB793 Mayer, Robert SS SCS SB 793
 4230S.08T - Enacts provisions regarding informed consent for abortions
SB795 Mayer, Robert CCS HCS SB 795
 4396S.06T - Exempts individuals in the Southeast Missouri Regional Water District who use explosive materials for unclogging agricultural irrigation wells from certain blasting safety requirements
SB801 Rupp, Scott SB 801
 4330S.01P - Requires credit reporting agencies to block information in a consumer's credit report that resulted from identity theft
SB804 Schmitt, Eric SB 804
 3730S.01P - Establishes each February 14th as Epilepsy Awareness Day
SB806 Bartle, Matthew SB 806
 4520S.01P - Modifies provisions relating to children who are victims of pornographic offenses
SB808 Callahan, Victor SCS SB 808
 4021S.02T - Modifies compensation and continuing education requirements for public administrators
SB812 Schmitt, Eric HCS SCS SBs 812, 752 & 909
 4027L.03C - Allows motorists to obtain various special license plates under certain conditions
SB815 Bartle, Matthew HCS SCS SB 815
 3644L.08C - Allows school districts to adopt a year-round educational program, implement multiple start dates for kindergarten students, and expands the Teacher Choice Compensation Package statewide
SB816 Lembke, Jim HCS SB 816
 4581L.05C - Modifies provisions of law allowing interest on overpayments of income tax
SB819 Lembke, Jim SB 819
 4582S.02P - Allows employees of certain employers to take a leave of absence for civil air patrol emergency service duty or counter narcotics missions
SB820 McKenna, Ryan SB 820
 4648S.01P - Updates Missouri's traffic laws to reflect that the majority of pedestrian control signals now display the international symbols for pedestrian control
SB824 Clemens, Dan HCS SB 824
 4020L.03C - Authorizes the state veterinarian to restrict the movement of animals or birds under investigation for carrying a toxin
SB829 Schaefer, Kurt CCR HCS SCS SB 829
 4708L.08C - Modifies provisions regarding nuisance abatement ordinances
SB833 Goodman, Jack SB 833
 4689S.01P - Allows corporate board members to consent to certain actions by electronic transmission
SB834 Rupp, Scott SCS SB 834
 4599S.03T - Establishes a procedure for the voluntary liquidation and dissolution of domestic stock insurance companies
SB841 Schmitt, Eric SCS SBs 841, 657 & 751
 4311S.03P - Designates various stretches of highways after deceased individuals
SB842 Schmitt, Eric CCS HCS SCS SBs 842, 799 & 809
 4653S.07T - Modifies provisions regarding MO HealthNet's authority to collect payment from third party payers
SB844 Shields, Charles CCS#3 HCS#2 SB 844
 4135S.15T - Allows statewide officials to request the office of administration to determine the lowest and best bidders for their purchasing, printing, and service contracts
SB845 Barnitz, Franklin SB 845
 4237S.02P - Modifies the law relating to voter registration and absentee ballots for overseas voters
SB848 Barnitz, Franklin HCS#2 SB 848
 4632L.04C - Allows methane from farm animal waste to qualify as a renewable energy resource for purposes of the Renewable Energy Portfolio requirement
SB849 Barnitz, Franklin SB 849
 4476S.01P - Modifies provisions of law regarding emergency service boards
SB851 Schmitt, Eric HCS SB 851
 4142L.04T - Requires at least four days notice before voting by governing bodies of local governments on tax increases, eminent domain, and certain districts and projects
SB855 Schaefer, Kurt SCS SB 855
 4018S.04P - Allows the State Registrar to issue heritage birth or marriage certificates celebrating the unique heritage of Missouri citizens
SB860 Bray, Joan SB 860
 4786S.01P - Modifies the date by which certain political subdivisions must set property tax rates
SB862 Callahan, Victor SCS SB 862
 4692S.02P - Authorizes the City of Sugar Creek to impose a transient guest tax
SB863 Callahan, Victor SCS SB 863
 4605S.03P - Authorizes the City of Raytown to seek voter approval for the imposition of a transient guest tax to fund tourism and convention facilities
SB877 Keaveny, Joseph SB 877
 4712S.01P - Modifies provisions relating to child support
SB884 Schaefer, Kurt SS SCS SB 884
 4831S.05T - Amends various provisions of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement
SB887 Schaefer, Kurt HCS SCS SB 887
 3342L.07C - Makes spice cannabinoids, commonly known as "spice" or "K2", Schedule I controlled substances
SB893 Days, Rita HCS SB 893
 4890L.05C - Requires a law enforcement agency to enter certain information regarding orders of protection into the Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement system within twenty-four hours
SB894 Dempsey, Tom HCS SB 894
 4894L.04C - Requires state employee health care plan to offer actuarially equivalent benefit products to Medicare eligible participants rather than provide such benefits
SB897 Lager, Brad HCS SB 897
 4938L.04C - Allows members of the Public Service Commission to participate in certain legal proceedings
SB900 Rupp, Scott SB 900
 4866S.01P - Makes numerous revisions to the Missouri Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Act
SB915 Barnitz, Franklin SCS SB 915
 4471S.02P - Authorizes Montgomery County to seek voter approval for the imposition of a transient guest tax
SB919 Ridgeway, Luann SB 919
 4892S.01P - Changes the date for submission of a consolidated public library district's annual report to the district board, county commission, and state library
SB920 Keaveny, Joseph HCS SS SCS SB 920
 4935L.07C - Specifies how tenancy by the entireties property is treated when transferred to certain trusts
SB928 Lager, Brad SS SB 928
 4870S.04T - Modifies provisions of law regarding the sales tax treatment of sales for resale
SB929 Lager, Brad SB 929
 4858S.01P - Makes it lawful for Caldwell County to enter into a contract with private corporations engaged in delivering water at wholesale for domestic consumption
SB940 Pearce, David HCS SB 940
 4996L.02T - Modifies various provision relating to bingo
SB942 Rupp, Scott HCS SCS SB 942
 5094L.03T - Allows municipalities to annex property within research, development, and office park projects under certain circumstances
SB943 Shields, Charles HCS SS SB 943
 5090L.07C - Requires the Joint Committee on Education to study state funding for elementary and secondary education
SB945 Bray, Joan HCS SB 945
 5006L.03C - Modifies provisions relating to court actions by the Department of Mental Health
SB963 Shoemyer, Wes SCS SB 963
 5144S.02P - Transfers the administration of the Minority Teaching Scholarship and the Minority and Underrepresented Environmental Literacy Program to the Department of Higher Education
SB971 Lembke, Jim HCS SB 971
 4886L.02C - Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to make available resources relating to umbilical cord blood
SB976 Rupp, Scott SB 976
 5184S.01P - Creates the Race to the Top Fund to receive any funds received from the federal government through the Race to the Top Program
SB979 Rupp, Scott SCS SB 979
 5161S.02P - Requires long-term care insurance rates to be approved by the director prior as a condition of issuance of such policies within Missouri
SB981 Callahan, Victor SB 981
 5191L.01T - Allows Kansas City to seek voter approval to impose a sales tax to provide revenues for public safety activities including operations and capital improvements
SB984 Lembke, Jim SS SB 984
 5143S.02T - Modifies the provision of law which makes it a class B misdemeanor for any gaming licensee to exchange tokens, chips, or other forms of credit used on gambling games for anything of value
SB985 Goodman, Jack SB 985
 5186S.01P - Modifies certain requirements about identification information in certain court pleadings, liens, notices of garnishment, and writs of sequestration
SB987 Stouffer, Bill SB 987
 5200S.01T - Increases the statutory award amount for research projects funded by the University of Missouri Board of Curators
SB991 Scott, Delbert HCS SCS SBs 991 & 645
 5039L.11C - Eliminates, combines, and revises certain state boards, commissions, committees, and councils
SB1002 Wilson, Yvonne SB 1002
 4231S.02P - Authorizes the establishment of the Kansas City Zoological District
SB1007 Dempsey, Tom CCS HCS SS SB 1007
 5096S.10T - Amends various requirements for public assistance programs administered by the state
SB1014 Bartle, Matthew SS SCS SB 1014
 5235S.05P - Modifies provisions relating to crime
SB1022 Stouffer, Bill SB 1022
 5290S.02P - Adds to the list of entities that are required to report disciplinary action against health care professionals
SB1026 Rupp, Scott SB 1026
 5285S.01P - Denies unemployment benefits for those with outstanding overpayment penalties
SB1058 Shields, Charles SB 1058
 5233S.02P - Modifies provisions of law regarding the retirement of neighborhood improvement district bonds
SCR35 Stouffer, Bill SCS SCR 35 & 32
 4145S.02T - Disapproves the new values for agricultural and horticultural property filed with the Secretary of State's Office on December 21, 2009, by the State Tax Commission
SJR44 Shields, Charles SS SJR 44
 5296S.04P - Proposes a constitutional amendment to eliminate the department of elementary and secondary education and the department of higher education and instead create a new department of education. Changes
SJR45 Shields, Charles SS#3 SCS SJR 45
 5512S.06P - Modifies the State Board of Education
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