98th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
House Bills Vetoed by the Governor

BillSponsorBill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
HB10 Flanigan, Tom CCS SCS HCS HB 10 9/16/2015 No Motion Made
 0010L.05T - Appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Mental Health, Board of Public Buildings, and Department of Health and Senior Services
HB42 Wood, David CCS SCS HCS HB 42 9/16/2015 Motion withdrawn
 0046H.14T - Changes the laws regarding elementary and secondary education
HB63 Dugger, Tony SS SCS HCS#2 HB 63 4/8/2015 Delivered to Secretary of State (G)
 0545S.13T - Changes the laws regarding persons seeking public office
HB116 Burlison, Eric SCS HCS HBs 116 & 569 9/16/2015 Failed to Pass over Veto (H)
 0562S.04T - Prohibits an employer from requiring a person to become a member of a labor organization as a condition or continuation of employment
HB150 Fitzpatrick, Scott HB 150 9/16/2015 Senate Message (S)
 0637H.01T - Modifies the duration of unemployment compensation, the method to pay federal advances, and raises the fund trigger causing contribution rate reductions
HB326 Leara, Mike HB 326 9/16/2015 No Motion Made
 1061H.01T - Specifies that each defined benefit pension plan must establish a board member education program
HB618 Fraker, Lyndall SCS HCS HB 618 9/16/2015 Senate Message (S)
 1456S.05T - Changes the laws regarding the disposition of human remains
HB629 Leara, Mike HB 629 9/16/2015 No Motion Made
 1587H.01T - Changes the laws regarding public retirement systems
HB722 Shaul, Dan SS#2 HCS HB 722 9/16/2015 Senate Message (S)
 1745S.04T - Changes the laws regarding prohibited ordinances by political subdivisions
HB799 Roeber, Rebecca SS SCS HB 799 9/16/2015 Failed to Pass over Veto (S)
 0183S.03T - Changes the laws regarding judicial circuits
HB878 Rhoads, Shawn SCS HB 878 9/16/2015 Senate Message (S)
 1516S.02T - Specifies that the Department of Public Safety must have the authority to commission corporate security advisors and establishes procedures to do so
HB1022 Gosen, Don HB 1022 9/16/2015 Senate Message (S)
 2164H.01T - Authorizes a return of premiums paid by insureds
HB1098 Crawford, Sandy SCS HB 1098 9/16/2015 Senate Message (S)
 2438S.02T - Changes the laws regarding trust companies
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