100th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Senate Bills Sent to the House for Consideration

BillSponsorBill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
SB523 Sater, David SS#2 SCS SB 523
 3713S.06P - Modifies provisions relating to controlled substances
SB528 Cunningham, Mike SS SCS SB 528
 4101S.05P - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to transfer any excess foundation formula funding to the School Transportation Fund
SB544 Holsman, Jason SB 544
 4115S.01P - Creates a "Text-to-Donate? pilot program in Kansas City and St. Louis to provide services aimed at reducing the population of homeless persons in those cities
SB551 Wieland, Paul SB 551
 3729S.01P - Prohibits discrimination in insurance against any person based solely on the person's status as an organ donor
SB552 Wieland, Paul SB 552
 3674S.01P - Modifies the definition of "legislative lobbyist"
SB553 Wieland, Paul SB 553
 3654S.01P - Modifies provisions relating to mortgage broker licensing
SB554 Riddle, Jeanie SB 554
 3287S.01P - Modifies provisions relating to coroners
SB570 Koenig, Andrew SS SCS SB 570
 3497S.05P - Modifies provisions relating to tax increment financing
SB580 Cierpiot, Mike SS SB 580
 3142S.04P - Establishes the "Long-Term Dignity Act"
SB587 Bernskoetter, Mike SB 587
 3638S.01P - Extends the sunset on the collection of certain fees credited to the secretary of state's technology trust fund
SB591 White, Bill SS#2 SCS SB 591
 3061S.14P - Modifies provisions relating to civil actions, including punitive damages and unlawful merchandising practices
SB594 Hough, Lincoln SS SCS SB 594
 3170S.08P - Establishes the Targeted Industrial Manufacturing Enhancement Zones Act
SB599 Brown, Justin HCS SCS SB 599
 3390H.04C - Changes the law regarding financial instruments
SB600 Luetkemeyer, Tony SS SB 600
 3178S.08P - Modifies provisions relating to dangerous felonies
SB609 Sater, David SCS SB 609
 4013S.02P - Limits certain uses of funds from any state-settled opioid cause of action
SB616 Cunningham, Mike SCS SB 616
 3662S.02P - Provides for the distribution of sales tax revenue upon dissolution of a hospital district
SB617 Cunningham, Mike SCS SB 617
 3762S.03P - Provides for the distribution of epinephrine auto-injector devices to fire protection districts
SB618 Wallingford, Wayne SS SB 618
 4059S.03P - Modifies provisions of law relating to an infrastructure system replacement surcharge for gas corporations
SB619 Wallingford, Wayne SB 619
 3522S.01P - Requires public water systems and public water supply districts that intend to start or stop fluoridation of their water supply on a continuing basis to seek and receive information about the impact of fluoridation from the local health department
SB623 Libla, Doug SS SB 623
 3325S.02P - Modifies provisions of law relating to guardians ad litem
SB631 Hegeman, Dan SCS SB 631
 3746S.02P - Modifies restrictions on the political activity of certain state employees
SB644 Hoskins, Denny SS SB 644
 3552S.02P - Modifies law regarding service animals
SB653 Crawford, Sandy SCS SB 653
 3423S.03P - Modifies provisions relating to foster parents
SB656 Cierpiot, Mike SB 656
 3185S.01P - Designates the Missouri Korean War Veterans Memorial located in Kansas City, Missouri as the official Korean War Veterans Memorial for the state of Missouri
SB662 Bernskoetter, Mike SCS SB 662
 3931S.03P - Modifies provisions relating to the liability for distribution of donated shelf stable packaged food
SB664 Burlison, Eric SB 664
 3691S.01P - Adds call spoofing to the prohibited solicitations under the no-call list
SB669 Hough, Lincoln SB 669
 3152S.01I - Increases the maximum duration of credit transaction that is subject to regulation under the statutes governing credit insurance
SB673 Brown, Justin SCS SBs 673 & 560
 3308S.07P - Allows any resident of Missouri, resident military spouse, or nonresident military spouse to apply for licensure in Missouri
SB676 Luetkemeyer, Tony SB 676
 3183S.01P - Modifies several deadlines relating to the assessment and appeals of assessments for property taxes
SB686 Sater, David SB 686
 3809S.01P - Enacts provisions relating to motor vehicle registration periods
SB689 Emery, Ed SCS SB 689
 3182S.04P - Modifies provisions relating to licensing requirements for certain professionals
SB718 White, Bill SS SCS SB 718
 4078S.04P - Modifies provisions relating to military affairs
SB725 Brown, Justin SCS SB 725
 3749S.02P - Modifies the appointment qualifications for members of boards and commissions in certain cities
SB774 Brown, Justin SB 774
 4211S.01P - Modifies provisions relating to responsibilities of the Missouri State Highway Patrol
SB846 Sater, David SB 846
 4157S.01P - Authorizes the Office of State Ombudsman for Long-Term Care Facility Residents to respond to concerns involving residents of Missouri veterans' homes
SB866 Brown, Justin SB 866
 4849S.01I - Permits physician assistants to serve as staff on ambulances
SCR38 O'Laughlin, Cindy SCR 38
 5075S.01T - Disapproves the Missouri Hazardous Waste Management Commission's recommendations regarding the fees and taxes of the Hazardous Waste Management Commission
SJR38 Hegeman, Dan SS#3 SJR 38
 4110S.08P - Modifies provisions regulating the legislature to limit the influence of partisan or other special interests
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4/8/2020 1:54:26 AM