100th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Senate Bills in House Committees

BillSponsorBill StringDate/Last Action
 Bill Information
SB523 Sater, David SS#2 SCS SB 523
 3713S.06P - Modifies provisions relating to controlled substances
SB528 Cunningham, Mike SS SCS SB 528
 4101S.05P - Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to transfer any excess foundation formula funding to the School Transportation Fund
SB544 Holsman, Jason SB 544
 4115S.01P - Creates a "Text-to-Donate? pilot program in Kansas City and St. Louis to provide services aimed at reducing the population of homeless persons in those cities
SB552 Wieland, Paul SB 552
 3674S.01P - Modifies the definition of "legislative lobbyist"
SB587 Bernskoetter, Mike SB 587
 3638S.01P - Extends the sunset on the collection of certain fees credited to the secretary of state's technology trust fund
SB594 Hough, Lincoln SS SCS SB 594
 3170S.08P - Establishes the Targeted Industrial Manufacturing Enhancement Zones Act
SB599 Brown, Justin HCS SCS SB 599
 3390H.04C - Changes the law regarding financial instruments
SB600 Luetkemeyer, Tony SS SB 600
 3178S.08P - Modifies provisions relating to dangerous felonies
SB618 Wallingford, Wayne SS SB 618
 4059S.03P - Modifies provisions of law relating to an infrastructure system replacement surcharge for gas corporations
SB619 Wallingford, Wayne SB 619
 3522S.01P - Requires public water systems and public water supply districts that intend to start or stop fluoridation of their water supply on a continuing basis to seek and receive information about the impact of fluoridation from the local health department
SB623 Libla, Doug SS SB 623
 3325S.02P - Modifies provisions of law relating to guardians ad litem
SB631 Hegeman, Dan SCS SB 631
 3746S.02P - Modifies restrictions on the political activity of certain state employees
SB653 Crawford, Sandy SCS SB 653
 3423S.03P - Modifies provisions relating to foster parents
SB656 Cierpiot, Mike SB 656
 3185S.01P - Designates the Missouri Korean War Veterans Memorial located in Kansas City, Missouri as the official Korean War Veterans Memorial for the state of Missouri
SB664 Burlison, Eric SB 664
 3691S.01P - Adds call spoofing to the prohibited solicitations under the no-call list
SB673 Brown, Justin SCS SBs 673 & 560
 3308S.07P - Allows any resident of Missouri, resident military spouse, or nonresident military spouse to apply for licensure in Missouri
SB676 Luetkemeyer, Tony SB 676
 3183S.01P - Modifies several deadlines relating to the assessment and appeals of assessments for property taxes
SB686 Sater, David SB 686
 3809S.01P - Enacts provisions relating to motor vehicle registration periods
SB689 Emery, Ed SCS SB 689
 3182S.04P - Modifies provisions relating to licensing requirements for certain professionals
SB725 Brown, Justin SCS SB 725
 3749S.02P - Modifies the appointment qualifications for members of boards and commissions in certain cities
SB774 Brown, Justin SB 774
 4211S.01P - Modifies provisions relating to responsibilities of the Missouri State Highway Patrol
SB846 Sater, David SB 846
 4157S.01P - Authorizes the Office of State Ombudsman for Long-Term Care Facility Residents to respond to concerns involving residents of Missouri veterans' homes
SCR38 O'Laughlin, Cindy SCR 38
 5075S.01T - Disapproves the Missouri Hazardous Waste Management Commission's recommendations regarding the fees and taxes of the Hazardous Waste Management Commission
SJR38 Hegeman, Dan SS#3 SJR 38
 4110S.08P - Modifies provisions regulating the legislature to limit the influence of partisan or other special interests
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4/8/2020 1:58:24 AM