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6-27-17 Bill containing several provisions to protect children becomes law
Lawmakers and children’s advocates are praising the signing into law of legislation with several provisions meant to help the state better care for children, including those who have been abused, neglected, or trafficked.
6-21-17 House endorses new abortion provider regulations; sends bill to the Missouri Senate
The bill would allow the attorney general to prosecute abortion law violations without first involving local prosecutors; repeal a St. Louis ordinance that bars discrimination in housing and employment against women who have had an abortion, use birth control, or are pregnant; and require annual, unannounced state inspections of abortion facilities, among other provisions.
6-16-17 Work underway in House in special session on abortion issues
Republicans say the special session is an important chance for the state to reaffirm a commitment to protecting unborn children and making sure women receive proper care from abortion providers. Democrats say it is about attacking women’s healthcare in the face of recent court decisions.
6-9-17 House budget committee names first target in tax credit reform: wine & grape producers tax credit
The committee must annually clear state agencies to authorize tax credits. When it met this year, it recommended that issuance of the wine & grape producers tax credit not be continued.
6-5-17 Effort to reaffirm House support for sheltered workshops led by lawmaker whose son works in one
Representative Rory Rowland said he was inspired to propose the resolution in response to the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. He was told by relatives of sheltered workshop employees, and by workshop managers, that the Act was having unintended consequences.
5-25-17 Despite Governor's call, House postpones utility modernization debate to another day
The House did not debate language that would give utilities more leeway to set new rates ahead of new infrastructure investments. That was part of Greitens’ call, but the issue is considered controversial and lawmakers in the House thought including it would keep the rest of the legislation in the special session from passing in the Senate.
5-24-17 House uses special session to pass bill aiming to bring jobs to Bootheel
The House has passed to the Senate a bill that would let the PSC consider lower utility rates for two companies – one that says it will reopen the Noranda aluminum smelter near Marston; the other saying it will to build a new steel mill at New Madrid, both in Southeast Missouri.
5-18-17 Legislature called back for extraordinary session to consider Southeast Missouri jobs issue
The legislature did not pass in its session that ended last week language that backers say could allow one company to proceed with plans to reopen the Noranda aluminum smelter at Marston; and another company to build a new steel mill at New Madrid, both in Southeast Missouri. Both companies hope for lower utility rates that would allow those facilities to be profitable. To consider lower rates the Public Service Commission (PSC) says it needs the legislature’s approval.
5-16-17 House backer of prescription drug monitoring wants a special session to get program passed
Representative Holly Rehder (R-Sikeston) has been pushing for a statewide PDMP for several years. Missouri is the only state that does not have one, though several of its counties are participating in a program based in St. Louis County.
5-16-17 House panel recommends changes in Missouri Corrections to fight harassment, bullying, and favoritism
After news articles last fall brought such issues to light, as well as millions of dollars in settlements with the state by former Corrections employees who had been victims, the House formed a subcommittee to investigate the work environment in the Department.
5-15-17 Southeast MO lawmaker not giving up after impassioned speech doesn't win jobs amendment passage
Representative Don Rone (R-Portageville) said the legislature needed to act to allow one company to proceed with plans to reopen an aluminum smelter, and another to build a new steel plant, both in southeast Missouri.
5-11-17 Legislature passes Real ID legislation as session's end nears
The state House has voted to send to Governor Eric Greitens (R) a bill that would let Missourians choose whether to get an ID that complies with the federal Real ID Act of 2005. Compliant licenses are needed to do things like board airplanes and enter military bases and federal buildings.
5-12-17 Representatives say flood recovery continues, urge documenting of damage
Many Missourians are still recovering from flooding in recent weeks. Two House members say that recovery could continue for months, and urge those Missourians to document their damage.
5-11-17 Frustrated representative calls out senators as 'heartless,' 'selfish' for blocking jobs in Southeast Missouri
Representative Don Rone (R-Portageville) told his colleagues he was rebuffed when he went to some senators seeking support for a measure that would allow the reopening of an aluminum plant and the construction of a steel mill in southeast Missouri.
5-10-17 Missouri House debates act barring discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity
Missouri law already prevents discrimination for other factors, such as race or religion. MONA would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the law’s definition of “discrimination.”
5-9-17 Lawmaker in need of transplant urges continuation of organ donor checkoff donations
A state representative who needs a liver transplant hopes that before the General Assembly’s session ends on Friday it will vote to continue to allow donations from tax refunds to the organ donor program.
5-9-17 Missouri Legislature proposes tougher standard for employment discrimination
Senate Bill 43 would require a former employee to prove that his or her age, race, gender, disability or ethnicity was the main reason he or she was fired rather than one among other reasons. Republicans said the bill is needed because the courts have allowed too many cases of alleged workplace discrimination to proceed.
5-8-17 Legislature's budget proposal would save Summer Jobs program for young adults
Governor Eric Greitens’ (R) budget proposal would have cut all funding to the Summer Jobs League within the Department of Economic Development. It had $8.5-million last year. The House had proposed restoring $6-million to the program. It compromised with the Senate to fund it at $4-million in fiscal year 2018.
5-5-17 Legislature's budget aims for transparency in settlements with the state, agency workplace environments
The legislature has passed a budget that aims to make state agencies more accountable when lawsuits against them cost taxpayer dollars.
5-4-17 Legislature's budget follows House lead; fully funds K-12 schools for first time
The $27.7-billion spending plan for the fiscal year that begins July 1 would pump $48-million more dollars into the state’s public schools, providing them with nearly $3.4-billion.
5-4-17 Legislature's budget bars use of state-appropriated funds for DUI checkpoints
Missouri drivers could see fewer impaired driving checkpoints under the budget proposed by the legislature. The change means that for the fiscal year beginning July 1, law enforcement agencies can still conduct DUI checkpoints, but they cannot use funds allocated by the state budget to pay for them.
5-1-17 Legislature coming down to the wire this week on FY '18 budget proposal
The legislature’s top responsibility enters its final push this week, as Friday is the constitutional deadline for it to propose a budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1.
4-28-17 House votes to send project labor agreement ban to Governor Greitens
Missouri legislative Republicans’ labor reform agenda took another step Thursday with the final passage of a bill barring project labor agreements (PLAs) for public projects.
4-28-17 House votes to require monthly reporting on settlements in cases against Missouri
The House has voted to increase transparency when lawsuits against state agencies are settled. The legislation was prompted by the revelation that millions of tax dollars were paid out over several years in settling harassment and discrimination cases against the Department of Corrections.
4-27-17 Missouri House votes a second time to ease state's motorcycle helmet law
Proposals would allow riders 21 and older who have completed a motorcycle safety course or who have had their motorcycle license for at least two years to ride without a helmet if they have insurance.
4-25-17 On Yom HaShoah, representatives urge remembrance, education about the Holocaust
St. Louis Democrat Stacey Newman and Ballwin Republican Shamed Dogan spoke on the House Floor on Monday, as Yom HaShoah was being observed.
4-19-17 House pushes for closure for families of missing Missourians from Vietnam War
Lawmakers say it is time the families of 15 Missourians presumed dead definitively know what happened to them.
4-18-17 House asks Senate to come to the table on proposed prescription drug monitoring program
The Senate proposed several changes to the House plan passed in early April. The sponsor of HB 90, Sikeston Republican Holly Rehder, opposes some of those proposed changes, and wants to see if the House and Senate can work out differences.
4-14-17 House votes to block new state park creation until current parks' maintenance is caught up
House Bill 698 would require that before any new parks are established and before any parks are expanded by more than 10-percent in acreage, the state’s current parks should be maintained, brought up-to-date, and have all maintenance work completed.
4-17-17 Veterans Committee chair: the path is clear on addressing veterans awaiting long-term care
State lawmakers now have information from the federal government that could make clear the path forward on creating more places for the roughly 1800 veterans on a waiting list to get into the state’s veterans homes.
4-13-17 House votes to send proposed ridesharing company regulations to Governor Greitens
The bill would require such companies, which let customers use apps to connect them to drivers offering rides, to pay a $5,000 licensing fee and conduct driver background checks and vehicle inspections. It would also exempt companies from local taxes and bar the hiring of drivers guilty of certain offenses.
4-11-17 House passes bill to shield those seeking help for overdose victims
House Bill 294 would give immunity from charges for minor possession of drugs or paraphernalia or being under the influence to a person who calls for emergency medical attention for someone who is overdosing on drugs or alcohol, and would give immunity to the person in need of medical attention.
4-11-17 House passes bill meant to let Missouri farmers grow hemp
The state House wants to give Missouri farmers a chance to enter a new market. It has passed a bill that would legalize the growing of industrial hemp.
4-7-17 House budget proposal attempts to strengthen defunding of abortion providers
The current fiscal year’s budget includes language that intended to keep all money appropriated by it from going to hospitals or clinics that perform abortions. Yukon Republican Robert Ross proposed that prohibition, and said it needed to be strengthened.
4-6-17 House budget proposal could mean fewer DUI checkpoints on Missouri roads
The House proposed language that would prevent money controlled by that budget from going to such checkpoints. House Budget Committee Chairman Scott Fitzpatrick (R-Shell Knob) said this is largely because of data indicating checkpoints aren’t effective enough compared to other enforcement methods.
4-6-17 House budget plan would save program to get low-income youths into workforce
St. Louis City Democrat Bruce Franks, Junior, saw that Governor Eric Greitens (R) had proposed cutting all funding to the Summer Jobs League within the Department of Economic Development. Franks proposed taking $6-million from unused funds in two programs within Temporary Assistance for Needy Families to restore it, and the House voted to accept Franks’ proposal.
4-5-17 House refuses additional reductions to MU in higher education budget
The state House has finalized its proposed budget for state aid to colleges and universities for the fiscal year that begins July 1. Another favorable vote will send that plan to the Senate for its consideration.
4-5-17 House budget proposal: no state dollars to tolling Missouri roads
The state House’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2018 would bar the use of General Revenue dollars for anything associated with collecting tolls on interstates running through Missouri.
4-5-17 House budget plan targets Conservation Department's deal with former director
The state House is poised to send to the Senate a budget that would cut $500,000 from the Department of Conservation.
4-5-17 House advances budget plan using money from repeal of renters tax credit
The state House is poised to propose a Fiscal Year 2018 budget that includes money based on the repeal of a tax break for low-income seniors and the disabled. Budget planners used the money that would be saved by that repeal to support in-home care for the elderly and disabled.
4-5-17 House budget plan proposes nearly $3-million for education on new voter photo ID law
The House voted to move $1.5-million from an election administration improvements fund in the Secretary of State’s office to go to the implementation of the voter photo ID law approved by voters in November. Specifically that money is for educating voters about the new law so that they can comply with it when they go to the polls.
04-03-17 Missouri House to finalize its budget proposal this week
Legislators often say it is the one thing the General Assembly must do even if it does nothing else: pass a balanced state budget. This week the state House will take the latest step toward that end, when its members debate a budget proposal to be sent to the Senate for its consideration.
04-03-17 House bill would expand on legal medical use in Missouri of hemp oil
A state House member wants to expand on a Missouri law passed in 2014 that allows the use of hemp oil to treat intractable epilepsy to allow the use of that substance in treating other conditions.
3-31-17 Missouri House proposes giving Missourians choice of whether to get Real ID-compliant licenses
The state House has proposed a bill that would allow Missourians to choose whether to get a state ID that complies with the federal Real ID Act of 2005, so they can use it to do things like enter military bases and board planes.
3-28-17 House close to proposing a repeal of Missouri prevailing wage law
Republicans supporting House Bill 104 say the prevailing wage law drives up the cost of projects, making local governments postpone work or forgo it altogether. Democrats say the legislation is simply another attack on workers.
3-28-17 House bill targets St. Louis ordinance, aims to protect alternatives-to-abortion clinics
The sponsor of House Bill 174, Representative Tila Hubrecht (R-Dexter), said a St. Louis ordinance penalizes agencies that refuse to hire a woman who would counsel a woman to have an abortion or refer a woman to get an abortion.
3-29-2017 House perfects prescription drug monitoring program proposal
The Missouri House has given initial approval to a proposed tracking system for prescription drugs that backers hope will fight opioid abuse in Missouri. Specifically it aims to help stop “doctor shopping;” the practice of going to multiple doctors seeking multiple prescriptions for valuable and addictive medications.
3-27-17 Lawmaker wants Missouri on track to next-generation 911
Some Missouri lawmakers think you should be able to send text, photos, videos, or data to 911, and they want to put the state on a schedule to achieve that goal.
3-27-17 House budget plan aims to improve harassment investigations in Department of Corrections
House Budget Committee Chairman Scott Fitzpatrick (R-Shell Knob) said his plan would redirect money that goes to the Department’s offices of Inspector General and Human Resources, and create an Office of Professional Standards.
3-23-17 House Budget Chairman proud of proposed full funding of education
Shell Knob Republican Scott Fitzpatrick said in August when he became the budget chairman that his number one priority was to fully fund Missouri’s public schools. He recently unveiled budget bills that included fully funding the K-12 school formula.
3-23-17 (VIDEO) Rep. Bruce Franks discusses chairmanship of new panel on police/community relations
Representative Bruce Franks, Junior (D), has been chosen by House Speaker Todd Richardson (R) and Representative Don Phillips (R), the chairman of the House Committee on Crime Prevention and Public Safety, to chair the newly formed Subcommittee on Police/Community Relations.
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