100th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 14, 2020

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1296Dinkins, ChrisHB 1296
 3672H.01P - Prohibits two-way telecommunications devices and their component parts in correctional centers and jails
HB1411Solon, SheilaHCS HB 1411
 3181H.02C - Removes the statute of limitations for certain actions to recover damages regarding child abuse and sexual offenses committed against a child
HB1450Schroer, NickHB 1450
 3694H.01P - Changes the laws regarding controlled substance offenses
HB1452Schroer, NickHB 1452
 3651H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to professional licensing reciprocity
HB1467Pike, PatriciaHB 1467
 3862H.01P - Modifies provisions relating to Missouri LAGERS
HB1511Lynch, SteveHCS HBs 1511 & 1452
 3396H.03T - Modifies provisions relating to professional licensing reciprocity
HB1521Hicks, RonHCS HB 1521
 4141H.03P - Establishes the "Capitol Police Board"
HB1526Houx, DanHCS HB 1526
 3465H.02P - Repeals the Missouri State Archives-St. Louis Trust Fund and returns the moneys in the fund to the state document preservation fund.
HB1540Basye, ChuckHCS HB 1540
 3343H.02P - Permits recording of IEP or Section 504 meetings by a student's parent or legal guardian
HB1559Remole, TimHB 1559
 3966H.01P - Exempts certain schools from the state minimum wage law requirements
HB1568Bailey, DottieHCS#2 HB 1568
 4155H.05P - Modifies provisions relating to seclusion and restraint policies in public schools
HB1604Hicks, RonHCS#2 HB 1604
 4164H.03P - Modifies residency requirements for personnel of certain municipal police forces
HB1631Deaton, DirkHB 1631
 3503H.01P - Establishes the Joint Committee on the Missouri Constitutional Convention
HB1632Porter, JeffHB 1632
 3861H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to donations and delivery of certain alcoholic beverages
HB1696Henderson, MikeHCS HB 1696
 4372H.05P - Authorizes the conveyance of certain state property
HB1934Wiemann, JohnHB 1934
 4687H.01P - Modifies provisions relating to the Public School Retirement System of Missouri
HB1963Fitzwater, TravisHB 1963
 4390H.01P - Modifies provisions of the "Missouri Public-Private Partnerships Transportation Act" to include a tube transport system
HB2033Hansen, JimHCS HB 2033
 4710H.02P - Modifies provisions for eminent domain for utility purposes
HB2046Grier, DerekHCS HB 2046
 4438H.02P - Modifies provisions relating to professional license reciprocity
HB2119Green, AlanHB 2119
 4262H.02I - Requires the department of corrections to provide certain assistance to offenders upon release
HB2120Kidd, BillHCS HB 2120
 4879H.03P - Establishes provisions relating to water safety and security
HB2121Dinkins, ChrisHB 2121
 4827H.04C - Modifies provisions relating to the selection of Department of Revenue fee offices
HB2122Trent, CurtisHB 2122
 4740H.01I - Establishes the Otis E. Moore Memorial Highway in Greene County
HB2123Morse, HermanHB 2123
 4829H.01I - Designates July 20 as Farmer's and Rancher's Day in Missouri
HB2124Muntzel, DaveHB 2124
 4878H.01I - Repeals the sunset date for discounted electric rates for qualifying customers of electrical corporations
HB2125Dinkins, ChrisHCS HB 2125
 4877H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to emergency medical services
HB2126Riggs, LouisHCS HB 2126
 4426H.02C - Requires an audit of all state departments every four years
HB2127Rone, DonHB 2127
 4671H.01I - Changes provisions governing alien and foreign ownership of agricultural land
HB2128Rone, DonHCS HB 2128
 4647H.02P - Modifies length and weight restriction for certain motor vehicles.
HB2129Rone, DonHB 2129
 4783H.01I - Establishes the "Duane S Michie Memorial Highway" in Pemiscot County
HB2130Coleman, Mary ElizabethHB 2130
 4923H.01I - Allows the state auditor access to court records relating to a conviction or guilty plea for a sexual offense requiring registration and charges filed for failure to register as a sexual offender in order to conduct an audit
HB2131Beck, DougHB 2131
 4263H.01I - Prohibits certain individuals from possessing a firearm due to domestic violence protection orders
HB2132Gunby, TrishHB 2132
 4807H.01I - Requires state license fee offices to have certain office hours
HB2133Richey, DougHCS HB 2133
 4915H.02C - Establishes procedures to recall a county commissioner
HB2134Lavender, DebHB 2134
 4887H.01I - Establishes extreme risk orders of protection, which prohibit certain persons from having firearms in their custody, control, or possession
HB2135Lavender, DebHB 2135
 4029H.01I - Requires that all sales or transfers of firearms be processed through a licensed firearms dealer
HB2136Neely, JimHB 2136
 3123H.01I - Allows the reporting of a privileged communication regarding child abuse and neglect that is made to a minister or cleryperson
HB2137Neely, JimHB 2137
 4718H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to insurance coverage for mental health conditions
HB2138Pietzman, RandyHB 2138
 4860H.01I - Modifies provisions for ballot language
HB2139Gregory, DavidHB 2139
 3871H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to actions for damages due to exposure to asbestos
HB2140Gregory, DavidHB 2140
 4832H.01I - Allows a party to demand a trial by jury to determine if a trust is void because the creation of the trust was induced by fraud, duress, or undue influence
HB2141Grier, DerekHCS HB 2141
 3366H.04C - Establishes the Fresh Start Act of 2020
HB2142Kelly, HannahHCS HB 2142
 4855H.03C - Prohibits certain offenders from being 500 feet of any nature or education center controlled by the Missouri Department of Conservation, with an exception
HB2143Ellebracht, MarkHB 2143
 4891H.01I - Criminalizes the disclosure of medical marijuana patients' information to unauthorized parties
HB2144Kelly, HannahHB 2144
 4465H.01I - Directs the deposit and transfer of funds forfeited from solid waste facilities
HB2145Fitzwater, TravisHB 2145
 4810H.01I - Modifies the offense of tampering with a judicial officer
HB2146Bondon, JackHB 2146
 4843H.01I - Establishes provisions for storage and transportation of intoxicating liquor from a central warehouse to premises licensed to sell intoxicating liquors at retail
HB2147Bondon, JackHB 2147
 4801H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to alcohol imports
HB2148Bondon, JackHB 2148
 4811H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to alcohol sales
HB2149Knight, JeffHB 2149
 4834H.01I - Establishes the "Joint Task Force on Juvenile Court Jurisdiction and Implementation"
HB2150Ross, RobertHB 2150
 4913H.01I - Establishes the "Second Amendment Preservation Act," which creates additional protections to the right to bear arms
HB2151Swan, KathrynHCS HB 2151
 4628H.02C - Allows Southeast Missouri State University to develop a statewide mission
HB2152Stevens, MarthaHB 2152
 3731H.01I - Changes the laws regarding consumer credit interest rates
HB2153Stevens, MarthaHB 2153
 3453H.01I - Allows school districts to include instruction on LGBTQ contributions to society
HB2154Allred, VicHB 2154
 4746H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to taxes on transient accommodations
HB2155Allred, VicHB 2155
 4688H.01I - Modifies the definition of a "hotel" for certain purposes
HB2156Neely, JimHB 2156
 4735H.01I - Adds provisions relating to MO HealthNet managed care
HB2157Hicks, RonHB 2157
 4667H.02I - Adds provisions relating to the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code
HB2158Unsicker, SarahHB 2158
 4911H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to increasing the membership of the drug utilization review board
HB2159Unsicker, SarahHB 2159
 4764H.02I - Changes the law regarding tobacco products by raising the required age to purchase and possession from eighteen to twenty-one and banning the sale of flavored tobacco products
HB2160Unsicker, SarahHB 2160
 3769H.01I - Requires the Department of Revenue to include certain additional information in its annual combined financial report
HB2161Rone, DonHB 2161
 4734H.01I - Changes the law regarding levee and drainage districts
HB2162Lovasco, TonyHB 2162
 4485H.02I - Changes the law regarding weapons by decriminalizing the possession of knuckles
HB2163Rowland, RoryHB 2163
 4888H.01I - Establishes provisions relating to insurance coverage for insulin drugs
HB2164Ross, RobertHB 2164
 4924H.01I - Requires the renaming of the land survey program headquarters building
HB2165Ross, RobertHCS HB 2165
 4898H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to the Missouri Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Employees' Retirement System
HB2166Neely, JimHB 2166
 4691H.01I - Prohibits a Missouri state court from prosecuting an offense in which there was a federal conviction for the same offense
HB2167Morse, HermanHB 2167
 3732H.02I - Requires the Department of Social Services to conduct a study on generational use of public assistance
HB2168Gray, AlanHB 2168
 3556H.02I - Modifies the time frame during which the amount for a trade-in motor vehicle may be credited to the purchase price of another motor vehicle for sales tax calculations
HB2169Sharp, MarkHB 2169
 4266H.03I - Establishes Blair's Law, which creates the offense of unlawful discharge of a firearm for discharging a firearm within or into the limits of a municipality with criminal negligence
HB2170Christofanelli, PhilHCS HB 2170
 4912H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to the Department of Corrections, the Division of Probation and Parole, and the Parole Board
HB2171Helms, SteveHCS HB 2171
 4823H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to tax credits for the adoption of children
HB2172Fitzwater, TravisHB 2172
 4817H.03I - Modifies provisions relating to use tax
HB2173Schnelting, AdamHCS HB 2173
 4450H.05C - Changes the laws regarding marriage and replaces marriage licenses with contracts of domestic union
HB2174Pollitt, BradHB 2174
 4787H.01I - Modifies provisions governing workforce development in elementary and secondary education
HCR57Vescovo, RobHCR 57
 4727H.01I - Convenes a joint session for the "State of the State Address"
HCR58Vescovo, RobHCR 58
 4729H.02I - Convenes a joint session to receive a message from the Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court
HCR71Sommer, ChrissyHCR 71
 3204H.01I - Designates January 21 as Jaycees Day in Missouri
HCR72Wilson, KennethHCR 72
 4824H.01I - Recognizes pornography as a public health hazard
HCR73Razer, GregHCR 73
 4331H.01I - Urges the University of Missouri and the Southeastern Conference to lead in reforming the NCAA to ensure fairness and integrity
HJR98Merideth, PeterHJR 98
 4840H.01I - Proposes an amendment to the Constitution of Missouri relating to motor vehicle fuel tax
HJR99Simmons, JohnHJR 99
 3107H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to prohibit selecting electors for the President of the United States based on the national popular vote
HJR100Ross, RobertHJR 100
 4893H.01I - Establishing a permanent Joint Committee on Administrative Rules to review the promulgation of rules by state agencies
3/29/2020 2:34:14 PM