100th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Past Activity Registers
For Actions Recorded on: January 29, 2020

BillSponsorCoSponsorBill String
 Bill Information
HB1335Kelley, AnnHCS HB 1335
 3037H.02P - Modifies provisions relating to the selling of raw milk or cream
HB1366Ellebracht, MarkHB 1366
 3374H.01I - Modifies provision for closed meetings of governmental bodies
HB1387Murphy, JimHCS HBs 1387 & 1482
 3240H.03P - Establishes the "Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Long-Term Care Facilities Act"
HB1415Helms, SteveHB 1415
 3320H.04I - Adds provisions relating to health care costs
HB1435Houx, DanHCS HB 1435
 3488H.04P - Modifies provisions relating to the deceased
HB1467Pike, PatriciaHB 1467
 3862H.01P - Modifies provisions relating to Missouri LAGERS
HB1473Griffith, DaveHCS HB 1473
 3331H.02P - Establishes special license plates
HB1482McDaniel, AndrewHB 1482
 3942H.01I - Establishes the "Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Long-Term Care Facilities Act"
HB1521Hicks, RonHCS HB 1521
 4141H.03P - Establishes the "Capitol Police Board"
HB1566Burnett, IngridHB 1566
 4174H.01P - Modifies definition of "surviving spouse" as it relates to state personnel law
HB1568Bailey, DottieHCS#2 HB 1568
 4155H.05P - Modifies provisions relating to seclusion and restraint policies in public schools
HB1586Washington, BarbaraHCS HB 1586
 3898H.02C - Authorizes a tax credit for producing an urban agriculture product in a food desert
HB1600Simmons, JohnHCS HB 1600
 3088H.02P - Modifies several provisions relating elections
HB1619Shull, Noel JHB 1619
 4173H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to credit for reinsurance
HB1655Kelly, HannahHCS HB 1655
 3955H.02P - Modifies provisions for Secretary of State
HB1683Wood, DavidHCS HB 1683
 4370H.02P - Establishes the "Alzheimer's State Plan Task Force"
HB1693Rehder, HollySS#2 HB 1693
 3237S.13F - Establishes the "Narcotics Control Act"
HB1710Eggleston, J.HB 1710
 3601H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to taxation of property
HB1716Morse, HermanHB 1716
 3435H.01P - Adds multiple new state designations
HB1734Christofanelli, PhilHB 1734
 3364H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the taxation of partners and partnerships
HB1741Hicks, RonHB 1741
 4251H.01I - Creates the "Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Activity Commission"
HB1752Spencer, BryanHCS HB 1752
 3998H.02P - Modifies provisions relating to working animals
HB1760Spencer, BryanHB 1760
 4161H.01I - Requires certain public officials to vote in meetings and not electronically or by proxy
HB1806Moon, MikeHB 1806
 3202H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to refunds of certain tax payments
HB1853Dohrman, DeanHB 1853
 4100H.01I - Modifies provisions for senatorial district committees
HB1858Haffner, MikeHCS HB 1858
 4487H.03P - Establishes a minimum biodiesel fuel content mandate for diesel fuel sold or offered for sale in Missouri
HB1868Swan, KathrynHCS HB 1868
 4534H.02P - Requires the state board of education to develop a statewide plan for minimum requirements for career and technical education (CTE) certificates
HB1873Gregory, DavidHB 1873
 4321H.02P - Creates the offense of vehicle hijacking
HB1894Schroer, NickHB 1894
 4015H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to property assessments
HB1895Falkner, BillHB 1895
 4572H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to use taxes
HB1896Roberts, LaneHCS#2 HB 1896
 4303H.04P - Adds provisions relating to background checks in the medical marijuana industry
HB1926Kelly, HannahHB 1926
 4648H.01I - Prohibits public institutions of higher learning from discriminating against a religious student association or denying a religious student association any benefit available to any other student association
HB1957Eggleston, J.HCS#2 HB 1957
 3193H.05C - Modifies provisions relating to taxation
HB2001Smith, CodyHCS HB 2001
HB2002Smith, CodyHCS HB 2002
HB2003Smith, CodyHCS HB 2003
HB2004Smith, CodyHCS HB 2004
HB2006Smith, CodyHCS HB 2006
HB2007Smith, CodyHCS HB 2007
HB2012Smith, CodyHCS HB 2012
HB2049Coleman, Mary ElizabethHCS HB 2049
 4800H.02P - Modifies provisions relating to the enforcement of arbitration awards and intervention in court proceedings for insurance companies
HB2058Shawan, JeffHB 2058
 4610H.01I - Allows businesses to register for the No-Call List
HB2089Schroer, NickHB 2089
 4679H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to health carrier interest penalties on insurance claims
HB2116Porter, JeffHCS HB 2116
 4677H.03C - Changes the laws regarding telecommunication practices
HB2120Kidd, BillHCS HB 2120
 4879H.03P - Establishes provisions relating to water safety and security
HB2167Morse, HermanHB 2167
 3732H.02I - Requires the Department of Social Services to conduct a study on generational use of public assistance
HB2175Helms, SteveHB 2175
 4902H.01I - Adds call spoofing to the prohibited solicitations under the no-call list
HB2285Moon, MikeHB 2285
 4599H.01I - Abolishes abortion in the state
HB2286Hannegan, TomHB 2286
 5068H.01I - Establishes the Modernization Decency Act
HB2287Aldridge, RasheenHB 2287
 5120H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the scope of practice for physical therapists
HB2288Riggs, LouisHB 2288
 4607H.03I - Establishes the "21st Century Missouri Patient Education Task Force"
HB2289Ruth, BeckyHB 2289
 5130H.01I - Modifies provisions governing model career plans for teachers
HB2290Fitzwater, TravisHCS HB 2290
 5088H.02C - Allows personal delivery devices to operate on sidewalks and roadways
HB2291Black, RustyHB 2291
 5154H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to the duration of time for which retired teachers and school employees may teach without losing their retirement benefits
HB2292Rowland, RoryHB 2292
 5054H.01I - Restricts the sale or use of any insecticide belonging to the neonicotinoid class of pesticides
HB2293Ingle, KeriHB 2293
 3022H.01I - Prohibits a child placing agency contracting with the state to provide foster care services from discriminating against a family because of the family's religion
HB2294Spencer, BryanHB 2294
 5145H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to refunds of overpayments of sales and use tax
HB2295Dinkins, ChrisHB 2295
 5116H.01I - Requires assessors to use an income-based approach to assess mining properties
HB2296Roden, ShaneHB 2296
 5161H.01I - Allows law enforcement agencies to establish boundaries for tactical law enforcement operations and prohibits live video broadcast of events within such boundaries
HB2297Carpenter, JonHB 2297
 3655H.02I - Expands MO HealthNet eligibility
HB2298Carpenter, JonHB 2298
 3581H.01I - Repeals a provision prohibiting voters from allowing their ballots to be seen
HB2299Porter, JeffHB 2299
 5019H.01I - Establishes a system for state-certification of home inspectors
HB2300Coleman, JeffHB 2300
 5098H.01P - Modifies provisions relating to peer review committees
HB2301Tate, NateHB 2301
 5000H.01I - Establishes miles-per-gallon-based motor vehicle registration fees
HB2302Fitzwater, TravisHB 2302
 5086H.01I - Modifies provision for broadband operations and services using electrical corporation infrastructure
HB2303Roberts, LaneHCS HB 2303
 5159H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to aviation taxation
HB2304Christofanelli, PhilHCS HB 2304
 3506H.06C - Modifies provisions relating to the dispensing of HIV preexposure and postexposure prophylaxis
HB2305Ruth, BeckyHCS HB 2305
 5096H.02C - Modifies provisions relating to the MO HealthNet drug utilization review board
HB2306Schroer, NickHB 2306
 5178H.01I - Modifies the offense of endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree
HB2307Eslinger, KarlaHB 2307
 5126H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to audits of county offices
HB2308Sain, MattHB 2308
 5131H.01I - Makes Election Day state holiday
HB2309Sain, MattHB 2309
 5138H.01I - Prohibits the use of electronic voting machines and requires all ballots be paper
HB2310Wiemann, JohnHB 2310
 4063H.01I - Establishes transfer procedures to nonresident districts for students in public schools
HB2311Haffner, MikeHB 2311
 4997H.01I - Prohibits provider-based facilities from charging, billing, or collecting a facility fee for services provided to patients
HB2312Haffner, MikeHB 2312
 5077H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to minor traffic violations
HB2313DeGroot, BruceHB 2313
 5166H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the duration of supervision by the division of probation and parole
HB2314Neely, JimHB 2314
 5179H.01I - Requires Amber alerts to include an embedded Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that references a resource on the internet that provides additional information or technological capabilities
HB2315Wright, DaleHCS HB 2315
 5139H.02P - Authorizes the conveyance of certain state property St. Genevieve County
HB2316Riggs, LouisHB 2316
 4676H.01I - Requires the department of elementary and secondary education to submit an annual report to the General Assembly listing the number of elementary and secondary students who do not have home internet access or who have limited home internet access
HB2317Christofanelli, PhilHB 2317
 5170H.01I - Establishes the "Cronkite New Voices Act."
HB2318Christofanelli, PhilHB 2318
 5184H.01I - Enacts provisions related to sports wagering
HB2319Falkner, BillHCS HB 2319
 4558H.02C - Requires special taxing districts to have an annual audit performed
HB2320Rehder, HollyHB 2320
 5073H.02I - Modifies provisions relating to grandparent's visitation rights
HB2321Knight, JeffHB 2321
 5190H.01I - Limits the State Tax Commission's ability to raise agricultural land productive values
HB2322Shaul, DanHCS HB 2322
 3568H.02C - Changes the law regarding utility districts
HB2323Gannon, ElaineHB 2323
 4385H.02I - Requires public schools to teach students appropriate online behavior
HB2324Proudie, RaychelHB 2324
 5198H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to the duration of supervision by the division of probation and parole
HB2325Trent, CurtisHB 2325
 5180H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to workers' compensation
HB2326Helms, SteveHCS HB 2326
 5112H.03C - Adds provisions relating to noncompete agreements for health care professionals
HB2327Sauls, RobertHB 2327
 4512H.03I - Adds provisions relating to registration certificates for roofing contractors
HB2328Bailey, DottieHB 2328
 3078H.01I - Adds provisions relating to informed consent for vaccinations
HB2329Ingle, KeriHB 2329
 4363H.01I - Establishes the Birth Match Program
HB2330Price, WileyHB 2330
 4753H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to minimum prison terms for certain offenders
HB2331Price, WileyHB 2331
 4751H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to good time credit for prisoners
HB2332Price, WileyHB 2332
 4762H.01I - Provides a process for the board of probation and parole to review the case histories of offenders serving more than thirty years in prison and recommend clemency
HB2333Price, WileyHB 2333
 4752H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to minimum prison terms
HB2334Ruth, BeckyHB 2334
 5194H.01I - Extends the authorization of AIM Zones until 2030
HB2335Hill, JustinHB 2335
 5219H.01I - Modifies provisions relating to probation
HCR68Justus, JefferyHCS HCR 68
 4504H.02C - Recognizes various Gold Star Memorial Monuments as official Gold Star Families Memorial Monuments
HJR60Billington, HardyHJR 60
 3923H.01I - Modifies requirements for signatures required to propose a constitutional amendment
HJR77Eggleston, J.HJR 77
 3361H.02I - Proposes an amendment to the Constitution of Missouri relating to property tax
HJR78Eggleston, J.HJR 78
 3285H.01I - Requires all assessors to be elected
HJR97Eggleston, J.HCS HJR 97
 4747H.02C - Modifies the initiative petition process for amendments to the constitution
HJR106Smith, CodyHJR 106
 5152H.01I - Proposes an amendment to the Constitution of Missouri relating to health care
HJR107Dinkins, ChrisHJR 107
 4433H.01I - Proposes a constitutional amendment to change the conservation sales and use tax to provide funding for the conservation department, the veterans' commission, and the sexual assault forensic examination program
HJR108Dinkins, ChrisHJR 108
 5044H.01I - Modifies the conservation commission membership composition and requires the election of the commissioners
HJR109Simmons, JohnHJR 109
 5057H.02I - Modifies provisions for voter identification
3/29/2020 2:09:10 PM