A List of Members and Their Information
Last NameFirst NameDistrictPartyHome TownPhonePosition
Image of Rep. Mike CunninghamCunninghamRep. Mike145RRogersville 573-751-3819Chair
Image of Rep. Don WellsWellsRep. Don147RCabool 573-751-1490Vice-Chair
Image of Rep. Ellen BrandomBrandomRep. Ellen160RSikeston 573-751-5471
Image of Rep. Jason GrillGrillRep. Jason032DKansas City 573-751-4066
Image of Rep. Shelley Keeney TaylorKeeney TaylorRep. Shelley156RSikeston 573-751-5912
Image of Rep. Scott LargentLargentRep. Scott120RClinton 573-751-1484
Image of Rep. Albert LieseLieseRep. Albert079DMaryland Heights 573-751-1832
Image of Rep. Cole McNaryMcNaryRep. Cole086RChesterfield 573-751-4183
Image of Rep. Jamilah NasheedNasheedRep. Jamilah060DSt. Louis 573-751-4415
Image of Rep. David SaterSaterRep. David068RCassville 573-751-1480
Image of Rep. Michael SprengSprengRep. Michael076DFlorissant 573-751-9628
Image of Rep. Gina WalshWalshRep. Gina069DSt. Louis 573-751-6845