A List of Members and Their Information
Last NameFirst NameDistrictPartyHome TownPhonePosition
Image of Rep. Nick SchroerSchroerRep. Nick107RO'Fallon 573-751-1470Chair
Image of Sen. Wayne WallingfordWallingfordSen. Wayne027RVice-Chair
Image of Rep. Ben BakerBakerRep. Ben160RNeosho 573-751-9781
Image of Rep. Peter MeridethMeridethRep. Peter080DSt. Louis 573-751-6736
Image of Rep. Gina MittenMittenRep. Gina083DSt. Louis 573-751-2883
Image of Rep. Dean PlocherPlocherRep. Dean089RSt. Louis 573-751-1544
Image of Sen. Bob OnderOnderSen. 002R
Image of Sen. John RizzoRizzoSen. John011D
Image of Sen. Scott SiftonSiftonSen. Scott001D
Image of Sen. Bill WhiteWhiteSen. Bill032R