A List of Members and Their Information
Last NameFirst NameDistrictPartyHome TownPhonePosition
Image of Rep. Travis FitzwaterFitzwaterRep. Travis049RHolts Summit 573-751-5226Chair
Image of Rep. Doug RicheyRicheyRep. Doug038RExcelsior Springs 573-751-2238Vice-Chair
Image of Rep. Donna BaringerBaringerRep. Donna082DSt. Louis 573-751-4220Ranking Minority Member
Image of Rep. J. EgglestonEgglestonRep. J.002RMaysville 573-751-4285
Image of Rep. Aaron GriesheimerGriesheimerRep. Aaron061RWashington 573-751-6668
Image of Rep. Marlene TerryTerryRep. Marlene066DSt Louis 573-751-6845
Image of Rep. Sara WalshWalshRep. Sara050RAshland 573-751-2134
Image of Rep. John WiemannWiemannRep. John103RO'Fallon 573-751-2176