99th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Representative Nate Walker
Nate Walker
District 003

Years Served:
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Sponsored Bills
HB 312 - (0962H.01I)
Restricts the use of handheld communications devices while driving unless the device is equipped for hands-free operation and is being used in that manner
HB 313 - (0963H.01I)
Establishes a procedure for the removal and disposal of abandoned aircraft on airport property
HB 478 - (0958H.01I)
Modifies provisions relating to eminent domain
HB 561 - (1186H.02C)
Changes the laws regarding the retirement system for prosecuting and circuit attorneys
HB 640 - (1424H.01I)
Imposes certain conditions on land devoted to agricultural purposes that is proposed to be acquired through eminent domain
HB 665 - (1272H.01I)
Allows the Missouri Dental Board to issue dental faculty permits to individuals who are employed by accredited dental schools, colleges, or programs in Missouri
HB 723 - (1537H.01I)
Modifies provisions related to the retirement of school employees
HB 794 - (1677H.01I)
Changes the law regarding the Missouri veterans' commission
HB 795 - (1479H.02I)
Changes the law regarding condemnation for utility services
HB 865 - (1811H.02C)
Modifies provisions related to public employee retirement systems
HB 979 - (2021H.02C)
Increases various existing fees that are deposited in the county employees' retirement fund
HB 1085 - (2168H.01I)
Modifies provisions relating to the St. Louis Public School Retirement System
HB 1086 - (1402H.02I)
Modifies provisions relating to the police pension system for the City of St. Louis
HB 1220 - (2344H.01I)
Changes provisions relating to the Missouri State Board of Nursing
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation