97th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative Nick Marshall
Nick Marshall
District 013

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Sponsored Bills
HB 1886 - (5915L.01I)
Requires the Office of Administration to install and maintain audio and visual recordings of the capitol office entrances for specified elected officials
HB 1887 - (5917L.01I)
Changes the laws regarding blighted areas and the use of eminent domain
HB 1888 - (5914L.01I)
Specifies that any issue to increase any tax, license, fee, or levy requiring voter approval under Article X of the Missouri Constitution must be placed on the ballot only on the general election day
HB 1889 - (5919L.01I)
Requires a nonprofit corporation that solicits contributions or gifts from the public to provide, upon request, the name and any compensation paid by the corporation to any board member or officer
HB 1890 - (5918L.02I)
Allows assessors to use the Kelly Blue Book or other credible resource when determining the trade-in value of a motor vehicle and restricts increases in real property valuation assessments
HB 1891 - (5912L.01I)
Authorizes a person to engage in the practice of specified professions without being licensed if he or she does not hold himself or herself out as being licensed
HB 1892 - (5916L.01I)
Changes the insurance coverage requirements for a motor vehicle liability insurance policy issued to a person with one or more convictions for a driving-while-intoxicated offense
HB 1893 - (5991L.01I)
Exempts persons certified by an ophthalmologist as having no usable vision and whose condition is deemed to be permanent from subsequent vision examinations for purposes of receipt of a blind pension
HJR 77 - (5922L.01I)
Proposes a constitutional amendment changing the laws regarding sessions of the General Assembly
HJR 78 - (5921L.01I)
Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying that the right of an individual to work cannot be denied or abridged on account of his or her membership or lack of it in any labor organization or labor union
Co-sponsored Bills
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