95th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative Cynthia Davis
Cynthia Davis
District 019

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Sponsored Bills
HB 1230 - (3213L.01I)
Establishes the Missouri Firearms Freedom Act
HB 1231 - (3478L.01I)
Requires Missouri driver's examinations to be administered in English
HB 1232 - (3299L.01I)
Revises the crime of unlawful use of weapons by allowing any individual who is lawfully allowed to possess a firearm or weapon to openly carry it into any church or assembled place of worship
HB 1233 - (3498L.01I)
Revises the criteria regarding the appointment of a guardian ad litem, the designation of volunteer advocates for children, and the best interest of the child standard in certain court proceedings
HB 1234 - (3385L.01I)
Changes the laws regarding the filing fees for marriage licenses, dissolutions of marriage or legal separation, and judgments of certain dissolutions involving a child younger than 21 years of age
HB 1235 - (3337L.01I)
Establishes additional health care directives for a health care provider who is withholding or withdrawing artificially supplied nutrition and hydration under a durable power of attorney
HB 1236 - (3259L.01I)
Establishes the Negligent Screening Act which identifies criteria for medical negligence when an abortion is performed and certain considerations have not been met
HB 1237 - (3386L.01I)
Allows adopted adults 21 years of age or older to receive a certified copy of his or her original, unaltered birth certificate and makes changes to the laws regarding the release of identifying information
HB 1238 - (3479L.08C)
Changes the laws regarding consent requirements for obtaining an abortion, reporting abortions, and immunity from liability for certain pharmacies and creates the crime of coercing an abortion
HB 1239 - (3378L.01I)
Increases the period of time a concealed carry endorsement is valid from three years to five years from the date of issuance or renewal
HB 1240 - (3256L.01I)
Authorizes a state income tax deduction for tuition costs for any dependent of a resident taxpayer enrolled in any elementary or secondary school or postsecondary education institution in this state
HB 1327 - (3771L.03P)
Changes the laws regarding the consent requirements for obtaining an abortion and creates the crime of coercing an abortion
HB 1335 - (3409L.01I)
Establishes tax credits against property taxes for parents or guardians of certain students and provides funding for virtual education programs
HB 1364 - (3760L.03I)
Prohibits payment under the MO HealthNet Program to a provider for any drug or medicine prescribed to treat certain sexual conditions and allows payment for all dental services including dentures
HB 2125 - (4970L.01I)
Specifies that the meaning of "blight" or "blighted" as they relate to eminent domain refer to an area which constitutes a menace to the public health, safety, or morals in its present condition
HB 2146 - (3942L.03I)
Authorizes an individual income tax credit of up to $1,000 for actual educational expenses paid for a taxpayer's dependent or up to $2,000 if the dependent has special emotional and physical needs
HB 2212 - (5064L.01I)
Allows for a special "In God We Trust" license plate
HB 2455 - (5401L.01I)
Establishes the Missouri Firearms Freedom Act
HB 2468 - (5509L.01I)
Establishes the Missouri Freedom to Own Lightbulbs Act which specifies that a lightbulb or accessory that is manufactured in Missouri and remains in Missouri is not subject to federal law or regulation
HCR 11 - (3959L.03I)
Declares Missouri's sole and exclusive right of self-governance as a sovereign and independent state
HCR 81 - (5510L.02I)
Advises the Commissioner of Education and State Board of Education to review the policy implications of Missouri's application for "Race to the Top" federal funds
HCR 84 - (5520L.01I)
Declares the General Assembly's strong stand against the recent court ruling regarding the unconstitutionality of setting aside a day as a National Day of Prayer
HJR 48 - (3173L.02P)
Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting any person, employer, or health care provider from being compelled to participate in any health care system
HJR 49 - (3714L.01I)
Proposes a constitutional amendment establishing the Missouri Taxpayer Protection Initiative which prohibits state funds from being expended for certain cloning, human research, and abortion services
HJR 68 - (4085L.01I)
Proposes a constitutional amendment eliminating the personal property tax, limiting the tax on real property to no more than 1% of its true value, and authorizing taxing districts to impose a sales and use tax
Co-sponsored Bills
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