99th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Representative Jeanie Lauer
Jeanie Lauer
District 032

Years Served:
Hometown:Blue Springs
Archival Record:
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Sponsored Bills
HB 93 - (0086S.04T)
Changes the laws regarding job training
HB 94 - (0078H.01P)
Allows students to take the ACT WorkKeys assessments instead of the ACT Plus Writing assessment
HB 334 - (0160S.05C)
Changes the laws regarding 911 emergency communication services
HB 799 - (1415H.01I)
Allows teachers to count hours spent in externships with local businesses as professional development hours
HB 942 - (1954H.01I)
Modifies provisions relating to emergency medical services
HB 953 - (1541H.03C)
Requires high schools and public institutions of higher education to provide information related to careers and salaries to students
HB 1009 - (2059H.01P)
Requires the Committee for 911 Oversight to designate a State 911 Coordinator
HB 1044 - (2109H.02C)
Modifies provisions relating to emergency medical services
HB 1154 - (2217H.01I)
Enacts new provisions of law relating to professional employer organizations
HCB 4 - (2365H.01P)
Modifies provisions relating to workforce development
HCB 5 - (2366H.02P)
Requires school districts to offer a course on computer programming to high school students
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation