96th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Representative Shalonn Curls
Shalonn Curls
District 041

Years Served:
Hometown:Kansas City
Archival Record:
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Sponsored Bills
HB 63 - (0430L.01I)
Prohibits any employee of a seller of cigarettes or tobacco products who is younger than 18 years of age from selling cigarettes or tobacco products in the course of his or her employment
HB 64 - (0431L.01I)
Changes the laws regarding unclaimed and abandoned property
HB 65 - (0429L.01I)
Requires the Department of Corrections to establish the Shock Time for Felony Probationers Program to give courts an alternative to imposing a sentence for nonviolent offenders who have violated their probation
HB 66 - (0428L.01I)
Allows the court to suspend imposition of an adult sentence in cases where there is dual jurisdiction and the offender has been transferred from juvenile court to a court of general jurisdiction
HB 74 - (0451L.01I)
Specifies that certain felons will be eligible for federal food stamp program benefits
HB 75 - (0427L.01I)
Authorizes expungement of certain criminal records including convictions for nonviolent felonies and misdemeanor, municipal, or traffic offenses
HB 229 - (0587L.01T)
Changes the laws regarding the Public School Retirement System of Kansas City
HB 296 - (0852L.01I)
Establishes the Contract for Deed Act regarding transactions involving an executory contract for the conveyance of real property
HB 485 - (1432L.01I)
Changes the notice requirement to a tenant in a foreclosure action from 10 business days to 90 days
HB 486 - (1430L.01I)
Allows a prevailing tenant in a forcible entry action to recover all damages caused by the landlord's exclusion of the tenant from the premises
HB 487 - (1431L.01I)
Allows organizations with temporary possession of certain property the additional options of filing a petition for a sheriff's deed or a court administrator's deed
HB 519 - (1547L.01I)
Revises the definition of "rehabilitation" as it relates to abandoned housing to include demolition
HB 627 - (1445L.01I)
Allows a candidate committee to purchase tickets, membership dues, meals, advertising, and other similar items from a political action committee if it is related to education or service in office
HB 651 - (1693L.02I)
Changes the membership of the Missouri Housing Development Commission
HB 704 - (1773L.01I)
Changes the laws regarding inadequate and deficient housing as it relates to landlord-tenant actions
HB 705 - (1772L.01I)
Changes the laws regarding the Missouri low-income housing tax credit
HB 771 - (1877L.01I)
Creates the Foster Care and Adoptive Parents Recruitment and Retention Fund and establishes the Foster Care and Adoptive Parents Recruitment and Retention Fund Board
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation