99th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative Kip Kendrick

Kip Kendrick

District 045
Minority Whip

Years Served:
Archival Record:
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Rep. Kip Kendrick, a Democrat, represents part of the City of Columbia and Boone County in the Missouri House of Representatives. He was first elected in November 2014.

Kendrick serves as the ranking minority member on the Budget Committee and the Special Committee on Government Oversight. Kendrick also serves on the Education Appropriations Subcommittee, Ethics Committee, and the Higher Education Committee. Kendrick is a Board Member to the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan and serves as vice-chair of the Missouri Health Facilities Review Committee.

Kendrick holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Columbia College and a graduate degree in Education Leadership & Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri.

Kendrick, a native of Monroe City, Missouri, is married to Sarah Kendrick. They have a son, Abram Andrew Kendrick.