97th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative Jay Barnes
Jay Barnes
District 060

Years Served:
Hometown:Jefferson City
Archival Record:
This record belongs to a former Representative who is no longer a Member of the Missouri House of Representatives. Information which is no longer valid (address, office information, etc.) has been removed from the archive to reduce confusion. To locate your current Representative, please use the Find My Legislator tool.
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Sponsored Bills
HB 1052 - (4536H.01I)
Requires the Department of Social Services to develop incentive programs to encourage health care facilities to co-locate on the property of certain public elementary and secondary schools
HB 1054 - (4147H.02C)
Allows a foster parent who is a state employee to use leave time for the placement or care of a foster child and requires the state and political subdivisions to provide a leave sharing program for certain employees involved with adopting or caring for a foster child
HB 1244 - (5158H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding retirement benefits for new members of the General Assembly and newly elected statewide officials
HB 1329 - (5088H.01I)
Specifies that personally identifiable information of consumers, including purchasing history, cannot be disseminated to certain parties without written consent of the individual
HB 1330 - (5307H.01I)
Requires health insurance navigators to be bonded and creates a private cause of action against navigators for unlawful release of private identifying information
HB 1331 - (4873L.01I)
Specifies that it is unlawful for any person to divulge educational records with personally-identifiable information of any elementary or secondary student to any other person or entity with specified exceptions
HB 1332 - (5349H.01I)
Prohibits the unauthorized release of data collected by automobile event data recorders, unless there is a valid search warrant
HB 1333 - (5342H.01I)
Changes the definition of personal information with regards to breaches of consumer information security
HB 1334 - (4275H.02I)
Creates the crime of publishing pornography for revenge
HB 1335 - (4692H.01I)
Prohibits businesses from requiring payment to remove a booking photograph and includes a petition process for an individual to have his or her booking photograph removed from the website
HB 1357 - (5062L.01I)
Requires each school district to ensure that every student develops a personal plan of study prior to the end of the student's sixth grade year
HB 1579 - (4079L.01I)
Establishes the Equal Opportunity Scholarship Program and changes the laws regarding elementary and secondary education
HB 1691 - (5476L.01I)
Changes the laws regarding the reporting of abuse of a student and repeals a school district's authority to investigate an allegation made against an employee that arises from spanking or use of force
HB 1693 - (5760H.01T)
Changes the laws regarding unclaimed property
HB 1715 - (4457H.03I)
Changes the laws regarding contracting between private companies and the state
HB 1878 - (6019H.01I)
Specifies that incest must be an aggravating factor in all sexual offenses
HB 1879 - (6085H.01I)
Requires the Department of Social Services to establish a pilot program to provide Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program participants with access to fresh fruit and vegetables
HB 1880 - (6064H.01I)
Repeals the provision requiring an automatic administrative hearing after an applicant or recipient of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits tests positive for a controlled substance
HB 1969 - (6188H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding MO HealthNet eligibility and benefits
HB 2204 - (6212H.01I)
Allows electrical corporations to recover depreciation expenses and return for electric plants placed in service
HB 2208 - (6473H.01I)
Exempts Medicaid fraud actions from the two-year statute of limitations
HB 2213 - (6415H.03I)
Authorizes an income tax deduction for certain businesses that provide health insurance coverage for their employees
HJR 57 - (5193H.07C)
Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying that there must be a permanent Joint Committee on Administrative Rules
Co-sponsored Bills
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