95th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Representative Dwight Scharnhorst
Dwight Scharnhorst
District 093

Years Served:
Hometown:High Ridge
Archival Record:
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Sponsored Bills
HB 255 - (1043L.01P)
Removes the Director of the Forms Management Unit as a voting member of the State Records Commission and replaces him or her with the Commissioner of the Office of Administration
HB 256 - (1042L.01I)
Reduces the consent requirement to two-thirds of the owners when making certain changes by amendment to a condominium's declaration
HB 345 - (0089L.02I)
Designates September 11 and December 7 of each year as public holidays
HB 357 - (1030L.05C)
Requires health carriers issuing or renewing a health plan to provide individuals younger than 18 years of age insurance coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders
HB 417 - (0086L.01I)
Establishes Bryce's Law which authorizes a tax credit for individuals who donate to a scholarship-granting organization if the donation is not claimed on their federal income tax return
HB 501 - (0080L.02I)
Requires the Division of Special Education to develop a program to provide ombudsman services to children and families regarding special education programs and services
HB 502 - (1075L.01I)
Requires all self-service displays that dispense tobacco products to be located in tobacco specialty stores
HB 601 - (0088L.03I)
Limits increases in assessed valuation on principal residences to the percentage of increase in the federal Consumer Price Index in the previous year
HB 602 - (0087L.01I)
Allows quarterly payments of sales and use tax on a new or used motor vehicle or boat with a purchase price of more than $15,000
HB 798 - (1911L.01I)
Authorizes an income tax deduction for tuition, attendance fees, and school supplies purchased for educating a dependent enrolled in a Missouri elementary or secondary school
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation