97th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative Kurt Bahr
Kurt Bahr
District 102

Years Served:
Hometown:St. Charles
Archival Record:
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Sponsored Bills
HB 1363 - (4838L.01I)
Changes the laws regarding midwifery
HB 1364 - (4835H.02C)
Prohibits a property owners' association from preventing a property owner from placing political yard signs on his or her property
HB 1365 - (5220H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding municipal redevelopment plans, projects, and areas
HB 1366 - (4834L.01I)
Changes the laws regarding the deductions of certain net profits and caps the aggregate amount the Department of Economic Development may issue for all tax credits
HB 1367 - (4839L.01I)
Specifies that a department investigator licensed as a peace officer by the Department of Public Safety must be deemed to be a peace officer while acting in an investigation to enforce specified provisions of law
HB 1368 - (4836L.01I)
Prohibits the use of a global positioning system or other technology to monitor the mileage traveled by a motor vehicle in order to impose any mileage tax
HB 1487 - (4841L.01I)
Allows students at two-year or four-year colleges or universities to seek tuition reimbursement for college remedial courses under certain circumstances
HB 1488 - (4837H.02C)
Specifies that parental liberty to direct the upbringing, education, and care of his or her children is a fundamental right not subject to infringement without demonstrating a compelling governmental interest
HB 1489 - (4063H.02I)
Authorizes the General Assembly to remove any department director or deputy director if it determines that the removal is necessary for the betterment of the public service
HB 1490 - (4476L.16T)
Changes the laws regarding academic performance and learning standards in elementary and secondary education
HB 1518 - (5527H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding municipal redevelopment plans, projects, and areas
HB 1546 - (5553L.01I)
Changes the laws regarding breast-feeding
HB 1570 - (5587L.02I)
Changes the laws regarding breast-feeding
HB 1642 - (4972H.02P)
Establishes the Employee Reclassification Act and changes the laws regarding employment taxes
HB 1708 - (5820H.01I)
Prohibits the State Board of Education, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and school districts from implementing the Common Core State Standards
HB 1709 - (5799H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding tax increment financing programs
HB 1767 - (5525L.01I)
Requires school districts to develop or revise policies on early high school graduation
HB 1785 - (5690L.01I)
Requires the MO HealthNet Division to seek an amendment to the Home and Community-based Waiver to allow structured family caregiving to be a covered service
HB 1898 - (5929H.04P)
Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to develop standards for all levels of hospital perinatal care
HB 1905 - (6044L.01I)
Prohibits the payment of professional membership dues of any school administrator or superintendent from the incidental fund or teachers fund of a school district and places limits on superintendent salaries
HB 1920 - (4701L.01I)
Phases out hold-harmless school aid payments
HB 2113 - (6366L.01I)
Prohibits the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education from requiring the administration of any statewide assessment by electronic means for specfied school years
HJR 62 - (4832H.02C)
Proposes a constitutional amendment specifying that each citizen has an inherent liberty that includes being able to make decisions regarding lawful health care related services or products
Co-sponsored Bills
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