97th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Representative Kevin Engler
Kevin Engler
District 116

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Sponsored Bills
HB 59 - (0559L.01I)
Removes the requirement that the Missouri Board of Nursing Home Administrators mail licensure renewal applications to every person whose license must be renewed during the year and specifies that the board must notify these persons
HB 60 - (0505S.02C)
Allows the marshal of the City of Farmington to order the abate of weeds or trash without notification and bill the owner if there has been a previous violation on the same property in a specified time period
HB 61 - (0503L.01I)
Authorizes the city council of the City of Farmington to also adopt or repeal any ordinance by submitting the proposed ordinance to the registered voters of the city
HB 301 - (1140S.02T)
Changes the laws regarding certain sexual offenses and sexually violent offenders and establishes a prisoner re-entry program for certain offenders
HB 302 - (1141L.01I)
Creates the crime of the failure to vacate leased premises in a rent and possession case
HB 347 - (0942L.01I)
Establishes the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Act
HB 445 - (1321L.01P)
Modifies the Mark Twain Highway designation and designates an additional portion of Interstate 70 as the "Andy Gammon Memorial Highway".
HB 460 - (1477S.03C)
Authorizes the conveyance of various state properties
HB 522 - (0925L.01I)
Allows proof of motor vehicle financial responsibility to be issued at the request of the insured to a mobile electronic device and used for verification in lieu of an insurance identification card
HB 577 - (1582L.01I)
Allows certain law enforcement agencies to access electronic monitoring information regarding sexually violent predators
Co-sponsored Bills
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