95th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative Tony Dugger
Tony Dugger
District 144

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Sponsored Bills
HB 1340 - (3641L.02T)
Repeals the authorization for the governing body of any fire protection district in Douglas County to impose a sales tax for its operational costs under certain conditions
HB 1344 - (3640L.01I)
Changes the laws regarding the assessment and collection of volunteer fire protection association fees in Douglas County
HB 1531 - (3639L.01I)
Removes the requirement that municipalities must hold an election in nonpartisan elections when there are the same number of candidates as open offices
HB 1595 - (3972L.01T)
Revises the definition of "project" as it relates to industrial development corporations to include the construction, extension, and improvement of public roads
HB 1899 - (3642L.01I)
Creates the Police Chiefs' and Officers' Retirement Fund
HB 2220 - (5167L.01P)
Revises the oath that election judges take prior to being commissioned or beginning duties by requiring them to swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and of Missouri
HB 2294 - (5319L.01P)
Repeals the provision that requires a political party's emblem to be printed on an election ballot above the party caption
HB 2361 - (5391L.01I)
Limits the increase in the assessed valuation of a motor vehicle to the same percentage as the percentage of the increase in the federal Consumer Price Index over the previous year
Co-sponsored Bills
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