99th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session
Representative Charlie Davis
Charlie Davis
District 162

Years Served:
Hometown:Webb City
Capitol Address
Address:MO House of Representatives
201 West Capitol Avenue
Room 207-B
Jefferson City MO 65101 
Home Address
Address:Rep. Charlie Davis
1624 Lakeview Dr.

Webb City MO  64870 
District Address
Address:Rep. Charlie Davis

Rep. Charles E. Davis, a Republican, represents parts of Jasper and Newton counties (District 162) in the Missouri House of Representatives. He was elected to his first two-year term in November 2010.

In addition to his legislative duties, Rep. Davis is a business owner. He previously served for six years in the United States Navy as an aviation electronics technician.

Rep. Davis is a member of the Crossroads Baptist Church in Carthage, Missouri.

Rep. Davis is a 1983 graduate of Karlsruhe American High School in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Born July 18, 1965 in Fayetteville, NC, Rep. Davis currently resides in Webb City with his wife, Laura. They have three children, Jennifer, Timothy and Robert.
Sponsored Bills
HB 108 - (0476H.01I)
Authorizes the highways and transportation commission to promulgate administrative rules to implement a connected vehicle technology testing program
HB 110 - (0464H.01I)
Adds vehicles owned and operated by the Civil Support Team of the Missouri National Guard when used during operations involving hazardous materials to the definition of "emergency vehicle"
HB 120 - (0203H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding unsecured loans of $750 or less, commonly known as payday loans
HB 128 - (0212S.02C)
Designates a portion of Missouri 249 in Jasper County as the "Edward F Dixon The Third Memorial Highway"
HB 161 - (0182H.01I)
Modifies definitions to give veterans priority in low-income housing tax credits
HB 166 - (0184H.02I)
Requires the Department of Revenue to issue REAL ID compliant driver's licenses unless the applicant requests a license that is not compliant with the REAL ID
HB 172 - (0644H.01I)
Increases municipal court costs from $12 to $17.50
HB 243 - (0752H.01I)
Allows utility companies to establish periodic rate adjustments outside of general rate proceedings
HB 307 - (0600H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding real property assessments to require presumptions in favor of the property owner in valuation hearings
HB 309 - (0422H.02C)
Exempts municipalities from the prevailing wage law
HB 314 - (0800H.01I)
Specifies that a person cannot be required to become or refrain from becoming a member of or paying dues to a labor organization as a condition or continuation of employment
HB 315 - (0188H.01I)
Repeals a provision prohibiting voters from allowing their ballots to be seen
HB 406 - (1004H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding business fees so that certain fees are waived for veterans
HB 407 - (0975H.01I)
Modifies provisions relating to the housing of a convicted sex offender in a homeless shelter that was in existence prior to a school or child care facility being built within 1000 feet of it
HB 408 - (0976H.01I)
Prohibits a court from authorizing a foreclosure or court-ordered sale of a member's interest in a limited liability company to satisfy a payment owed to a judgment creditor
HB 409 - (0873H.01I)
Modifies motor vehicle length restrictions with respect to articulated buses
HB 410 - (1062H.01I)
Allows cottage food production operations to sell food over the internet
HB 564 - (1021H.01I)
Establishes the Password Privacy Protection Act
HB 574 - (1295H.02C)
Modifies the permissible length of motor vehicles operated on highways
HB 787 - (1717H.01I)
Authorizes a tax deduction for firefighters who complete training during the year
HB 850 - (1784H.01T)
Changes the law regarding military complaints against a commanding officer in the National Guard
HB 871 - (1773S.02C)
Changes the law regarding the Missouri military code
HB 872 - (1450H.01I)
Creates a definition of secondary school to include grades not lower than fifth grade nor higher than twelfth grade
HB 880 - (1825H.01I)
Changes the law regarding preference given to disabled veterans with state and political subdivision contracts
HB 898 - (1826H.01I)
Changes the law regarding the adjutant general of Missouri
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation