99th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative Donna Lichtenegger
Donna Lichtenegger
District 146

Years Served:
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Sponsored Bills
HB 1266 - (4392H.01P)
Establishes the "Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act"
HB 1267 - (4114H.01P)
Changes the laws by adding virtual institutions to the "Access Missouri Financial Assistance Program"
HB 1268 - (4125S.06T)
Allows the Missouri Dental Board to issue dental faculty permits to individuals who are employed by accredited dental schools, colleges, or programs in Missouri
HB 1269 - (4195H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding the ability of counties to issue ordinances
HB 1876 - (5615H.01I)
Modifies various provisions relating to degree offerings at public institutions of higher education
HB 2213 - (6110H.01I)
Requires water supply districts that intend to modify their water supply fluoridation to seek information about the impact from their local health department
HB 2259 - (6010H.02C)
Changes the laws regarding rape kits by requiring the attorney general to establish a system to track the status of the kits
HB 2276 - (6139H.02C)
Modifies the offense of unlawful possession of a firearm
HJR 52 - (4138H.01I)
Modifies length of terms and term limits for members of the General Assembly
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation