99th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative Lyle Rowland
Lyle Rowland
District 155

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Sponsored Bills
HB 1572 - (4652H.03P)
Modifies provisions relating to driver's licenses for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing
HB 1573 - (4116H.02P)
Allows a school district to use a calendar based on hours of attendance rather than hours and days of attendance, if the minimum number of hours is at least 1,044 hours of actual pupil attendance
HB 1574 - (4512H.02P)
Modifies provisions relating to advanced practice registered nurses in collaborative practice arrangements
HB 2294 - (6194H.01I)
Allows school boards to provide certain information on influenza disease to parents and guardians of students
HB 2625 - (6682H.02C)
Creates new provisions relating to educational services for neglected or delinquent children
HB 2649 - (6341H.01I)
Changes the cap on tuition charged at public institutions of higher education
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation