99th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative Nate Walker
Nate Walker
District 003

Years Served:
Counties:Adair, Putnam, Mercer, Sullivan
Capitol Address
Address:MO House of Representatives
201 West Capitol Avenue
Room 316
Jefferson City MO 65101 
Legislative Assistant:Janet Land 
Representative Nate Walker, a Republican, represents the City of Kirksville, the western part of Adair County, all of Sullivan, Putnam and Mercer Counties (District 3) in the Missouri House of Representatives. He was elected in 2012 and previously in the Missouri House of Representatives for the 12th District from 1981 – 1985.

Representative Walker has had a varied and diversified professional career having been involved in business, farming, community service, economic development, journalism, real estate and politics. He is a licensed realtor and works as a Realtor Associate for Heritage House Realty, Inc. in Kirksville, MO. His professional and vocational experiences include: former service in the Missouri General Assembly as 12th District State Representative; owner, publisher and editor of the La Plata Home Press; raising cattle and working on the family farm in Macon County; serving North Missouri in downtown, community and economic development; and working on national, state and regional transportation and traffic safety issues. Besides his service in the MO General Assembly Representative Walker is a farmer and realtor.

Representative Walker holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Journalism and a Master of Science Degree in Regional and Community Affairs from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He has also done post graduate studies at Duke University at Durham, North Carolina and at the Haus Rissen Institute of International Politics and Economics in Hamburg, Germany.

Representative Walker is involved and active in many community organizations, charities and activities which include: Kirksville First Christian Church; Kirksville Area Chamber of Commerce; Past Chairman of the Kirksville Area Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee; Chairman of the Highway 63 Alternate Route Traffic Safety Commission; Kirksville Rotary Club; Kirksville Arts Association; Kirksville Regional Economic Development, Inc. (K-REDI), Adair Masonic Lodge #366 AF & AM; El Kadir Shrine Club; Ararat Shrine; National Rifle Association; Ducks Unlimited; Macon County Historical Society; Macon County Flywheel & Collectable Club, Inc.; Macon Area Chamber of Commerce; and the Macon Elks.

Representative Walker resides in Kirksville. He is the father of two sons: Madison Belt Walker and Samuel Preston Belt Walker.
Sponsored Bills
Co-sponsored Bills
HB 1251 - (4139H.01I) - Plocher, Dean
Changes the laws regarding foreclosure proceeds
HB 1267 - (4114H.01I) - Lichtenegger, Donna
Changes the laws by adding virtual institutions to the "Access Missouri Financial Assistance Program"
HB 1268 - (4125H.01I) - Lichtenegger, Donna
Allows the Missouri Dental Board to issue dental faculty permits to individuals who are employed by accredited dental schools, colleges, or programs in Missouri
HB 1275 - (4619H.01I) - Kendrick, Kip
Establishes a work-study program within the Department of Higher Education
HB 1276 - (4717H.01I) - Kendrick, Kip
Modifies provisions relating to eligibility requirements for the Missouri Rx Plan
HB 1328 - (4325H.01I) - Remole, Tim
Requires all juvenile officers to be in compliance with the Missouri Juvenile Officer Performance Standards
HB 1329 - (4966H.01I) - Remole, Tim
Specifies that employees of a soil and water conservation district shall be eligible for membership in the Missouri local government employees' retirement system
HB 1348 - (4403H.01I) - Black, Rusty
Specifies that the department of elementary and secondary education handles funds from career and technical student organizations
HB 1349 - (4040H.01I) - Black, Rusty
Designates July seventh as "Missouri Sliced Bread Day."
HB 1354 - (5080H.01I) - Remole, Tim
Specifies that employees of a soil and water conservation district shall be eligible for membership in the Missouri local government employees' retirement system
HB 1355 - (4829H.01I) - Phillips, Don
Allows retired police officers to return to work when a disaster or emergency has been proclaimed by the governor or there is a national disaster
HB 1381 - (4520H.02C) - Shull, Noel J
Establishes procedures relating to financial accreditation standards for insurance companies and an insurance group's corporate governance
HB 1445 - (4495H.02I) - Eggleston, J.
Prohibits the use of public funds for any stadium if twenty-nine other states adopt similar statutes
HB 1465 - (5132H.01P) - Cookson, Steve
Modifies various provisions relating to degree offerings at public institutions of higher education
HB 1502 - (4081H.01I) - Kelly, Hannah
Changes provisions relating to advanced practice registered nurses
HB 1520 - (5133H.01I) - Cookson, Steve
Raises the minimum teacher salary for the 2019-20 school year, subject to appropriation
HB 1527 - (5141H.01I) - Walker, Cora Faith
Establishes the Mo HealthNet Buy-In for Workers with Disabilities Program
HB 1558 - (5278H.01I) - Neely, Jim
Creates the offense of nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images
HB 1574 - (4512H.01I) - Rowland, Lyle
Modifies provisions relating to advanced practice registered nurses in collaborative practice arrangements
HB 1590 - (4500H.01I) - Smith, Cody
Modifies provisions relating to the statute of limitations for certain offenses
HB 1600 - (5200H.01I) - Higdon, Galen
Establishes the Fair Fare Passenger Safety Act that prohibits any person operating a motor vehicle for compensation from using a hand-held wireless device
HB 1605 - (4767H.01I) - Bernskoetter, Mike
Modifies provisions relating to the Missouri State Capitol Commission
HB 1610 - (5305H.01I) - Franklin, Diane
Modifies provisions relating to reports of child abuse or neglect
HB 1615 - (5325H.01I) - Reiboldt, Bill
Changes the laws regarding the crime of animal trespass
HB 1617 - (4389H.02C) - Barnes, Jay
Modifies provisions relating to telehealth
HB 1618 - (4387H.01I) - Barnes, Jay
Establishes a controlled substance take back program to allow certain health care entities to accept unused drugs for safe disposal
HB 1622 - (4832H.01I) - Reiboldt, Bill
Prohibits the use of hand-held electronic wireless communications devices while driving non-commercial and commercial motor vehicles; but allows the use of such devices when used hands-free by operators of non-commercial motor vehicles who are fully licensed and eighteen years of age or older.
HB 1625 - (4986H.02I) - Morris, Lynn
Establishes the Missouri Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program to provide low-income seniors with fresh, Missouri-grown produce
HB 1626 - (5447H.01I) - Morris, Lynn
Establishes the Tricia Leann Tharp Act, which requires certain pharmacists to receive two hours of continuing education on suicide prevention
HB 1628 - (5420H.01I) - Evans, Jean
Prohibits the prosecution of minor children for prostitution and requires patrons of child prostitutes to register as sex offenders
HB 1631 - (5403H.02I) - Evans, Jean
Changes the law regarding minority-owned business programs by expanding the programs to include certain nonprofit corporations
HB 1632 - (5371H.02I) - Korman, Bart
Requires a deed conveying real estate to contain certain information
HB 1635 - (5462H.01I) - Bernskoetter, Mike
Modifies mandated reporting requirements for sexual assault victims in long-term care facilities
HB 1637 - (5407H.01I) - Neely, Jim
Extends the time by which a case management plan must be developed for a child entering foster care
HB 1638 - (5164H.02C) - Toalson Reisch, Cheri
Requires the POST Commission to implement a system that gives members of the National Guard and active duty or reserve members of the Armed Forces credit for completing basic training when applying for peace officer licensure and establishes a training program for individuals receiving credit under the system
HB 1641 - (4971H.01I) - Roden, Shane
Establishes a presumption that a firefighter assigned to a certain number of years of hazardous duty, exposed to certain agents, and disabled as a result of cancer incurred the cancer in the course of employment as a firefighter
HB 1673 - (4617H.01I) - Kendrick, Kip
Requires public retirement plans to provide financial information to participants and modifies the criteria for when a public plan is deemed delinquent
HB 1677 - (4051H.01I) - Lauer, Jeanie
Allows students to take the ACT WorkKeys assessments instead of the ACT Plus Writing assessment
HB 1721 - (5568H.01I) - Black, Rusty
Prohibits the State Tax Commission from raising agricultural land productive values under certain circumstances
HB 1744 - (5478H.01I) - Hansen, Jim
Modifies the A+ Schools Program by removing the requirement that the student's attendance of public high school occur in the three years immediately prior to graduation
HB 1745 - (5477H.01I) - Hansen, Jim
Prohibits text messaging while driving for all drivers
HB 1796 - (5281H.03I) - Ruth, Becky
Establishes the First-Time Home Buyer Savings Account Act and authorizes a tax deduction for contributions to a savings account dedicated to buying a first home
HB 1802 - (5159H.03C) - Miller, Rocky
Changes the law regarding exemptions of sale taxes by clarifying a definition to exempt the production of communication services
HB 1828 - (5642H.01I) - Houghton, Jay
Creates a certification process for individuals and organizations engaged in animal care training
HB 1866 - (5519H.01I) - Evans, Jean
Increases the penalty for certain crimes committed in the course of human trafficking
HB 1868 - (4148H.03C) - Kelley, Mike
Establishes a statewide hearing aid distribution program for low-come individuals
HB 1872 - (5686H.01I) - Johnson, Delus
Establishes the Missouri Rural Broadband Development Fund
HB 1876 - (5615H.01I) - Lichtenegger, Donna
Modifies various provisions relating to degree offerings at public institutions of higher education
HB 1879 - (5493H.01I) - Fraker, Lyndall
Changes the laws regarding financial transactions by public entities
HB 1880 - (5670H.01P) - Trent, Curtis
Declares the intent of the general assembly to facilitate and encourage development of fiber optic infrastructure by rural electric cooperatives
HB 1906 - (5651H.01I) - Higdon, Galen
Establishes the Senior Services Growth and Development Program to provide additional funding for senior services
HB 1998 - (5729H.01I) - Bondon, Jack
Creates guidelines for reviewing the comprehensive state energy plan.
HB 2034 - (5739H.01I) - Curtman, Paul
Modifies provisions relating to industrial hemp
HB 2042 - (4083H.01I) - Bahr, Kurt
Modifies provisions relating to sexual offenders
HB 2044 - (5769H.01I) - Taylor, Jered
Allows a metropolitan planning organization to be considered a political subdivision for purposes of the Missouri local government employees' retirement system
HB 2089 - (5654H.02I) - Gregory, David
Modifies provisions relating to tort actions, specifically unlawful merchandising practices, products liability claims, and venue requirements
HB 2202 - (5554H.01I) - Plocher, Dean
Modifies provisions relating to retirement for police officers
HB 2212 - (6026H.01I) - Toalson Reisch, Cheri
Repeals a provision prohibiting voters from allowing their ballots to be seen
HB 2213 - (6110H.01I) - Lichtenegger, Donna
Requires water supply districts that intend to modify their water supply fluoridation to seek information about the impact from their local health department
HB 2225 - (6107H.01I) - Henderson, Mike
Modifies provisions relating to emergency services health benefit determinations
HB 2234 - (6028H.01I) - Rehder, Holly
Requires course materials and instruction relating to human sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases to contain information about sexual harassment, sexual violence, and consent
HB 2249 - (6104H.03C) - Wood, David
Modifies provisions relating to child care facilities
HB 2255 - (5968H.02C) - Korman, Bart
Modifies provisions relating to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Initiative
HB 2256 - (5814H.01I) - Johnson, Delus
Establishes a grant program for the installation of broadband internet service
HB 2265 - (6103H.02I) - Berry, T.J.
Modifies provisions for public utilities.
HB 2354 - (6173H.01I) - Frederick, Keith
Requires the Department of Higher Education to promulgate rules establishing the Coordinating Board for Mental Health Issues in Higher Education
HB 2422 - (6320H.01I) - Neely, Jim
Creates the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act
HB 2644 - (6586H.03I) - Rowland, Rory
Creates new provisions relating to sheltered workshops
HCR 85 - (6169H.01I) - Remole, Tim
Urges the United States Congress to propose the Regulation Freedom Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
HCR 98 - (6579H.01I) - Kidd, Bill
Designates August as "Shingles Awareness and Prevention Month."
HCR 106 - (6680H.02I) - Shull, Noel J
Authorizes the issuance of public bonds for half of the financing of a new conservatory building at UMKC
Past Legislation