99th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative Nate Tate
Nate Tate
District 119

Years Served:
Hometown:St. Clair
Rep. Nate Tate, a Republican, represents parts of Franklin and Washington counties (District 119) in the Missouri House of Representatives. He was elected to his first two-year term in November 2016.

In addition to his legislative duties, Rep. Tate works as the Director Of Technology and Corporate Compliance Officer at Empac Group Inc.

Rep. Tate served 4 years as a board member of the St. Clair Area Chamber of Commerce, where he served as president for 2 years. He was also an Alderman in St. Clair for 6 ½ years.

Rep. Tate graduated from St. Clair High School in 1997. He earned his master’s degree in business administration from Fontbonne University in 2009.

Born in Washington, Missouri, Rep. Tate has a family lineage that includes both historic figures Abraham Lincoln and Meriwether Lewis. He currently resides in St. Clair.
Sponsored Bills
HB 1809 - (5569H.01T)
Changes the laws regarding the Bi-state Metropolitan Development District compact by adding Franklin County
HB 1810 - (5147H.01I)
Creates the crime of falsifying a drug test
HB 1931 - (5395H.01I)
Authorizes a parent or guardian of a minor to request a security freeze on the minor's credit report
HB 1952 - (5622H.02I)
Prohibits the use of hand-held electronic wireless communications devices while driving non-commercial and commercial motor vehicles; but allows the use of such devices when used hands-free by operators of non-commercial motor vehicles who are fully licensed and eighteen years of age or older.
HB 2043 - (5762H.01P)
Designates the first Tuesday in May as "Law Enforcement Appreciation Day."
HB 2196 - (5983H.02P)
Designates the second Wednesday in May as Celiac Awareness Day in Missouri.
HB 2270 - (5992H.02C)
Modifies provisions regarding motor vehicle insurance.
HB 2336 - (5724H.01P)
Prohibits children from being placed in the custody of individuals who have been found guilty of the offense of sexual trafficking of a child in the first degree
HB 2594 - (6539H.02C)
Modifies provisions of the Missouri Public-Private Partnerships Transportation Act with respect to concession agreements
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation