House Amendments for HB1490
StatusAmendmentSponsorFloor NumberRoll Call
Distributed4476L16.01FHicksCONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORT #2Roll Call
Distributed4476L12.01FHicksCONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORTRoll Calls
Distributed4476S05.01FHicksSENATE AMENDMENTS
Adopted4476L01.02LWestHA 2
Distributed4476L01.03HKelley (127)
Adopted4476L01.03LHicksHA 1
Adopted4476L01.08HBurtonHA 3
Withdrawn4476L01.21HBurgerHA 1 to HA 2
Adopted4476L01.24HHaleyHA 2 to HA 1
Adopted4476L01.27HAndrewsHA 3 to HA 1
Adopted4476L01.33HBurgerHA 2 to HA 2
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Distributed - Amendment has been distributed.
Committee Amendment - Amendment distributed in Committee.
Adopted - Amendment has been adopted.
Defeated - Amendment has been defeated.
Returned - Amendment has been returned by motion and vote.
Withdrawn - Amendment has been withdrawn by the amendment's sponsor.
Offered - Amendment has been offered on the House floor.
Pending - Amendment has been laid over to be taken up on the next legislative day.
Substitute - Amendment has been substituted for a different amendment.
Division - Amendment has been divided into parts to be voted on and debated separately.
1/15/2021 8:40:37 PM