97th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative John Rizzo
John Rizzo
District 019
Minority Whip

Years Served:
Hometown:Kansas City
Archival Record:
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Sponsored Bills
HB 1409 - (5240L.01I)
Establishes the Commission on Lethal Injection Administration and places a moratorium on the death penalty until certain procedures and protocols are adopted and implemented
HB 2055 - (5780L.01I)
Changes the laws regarding the minimum wage
HB 2176 - (6450L.01I)
Establishes the Armed Offender Docket Pilot Project within the Jackson County Circuit Court to handle all matters regarding a person accused or convicted of first degree robbery or a firearms offense
HB 2177 - (6451L.01I)
Repeals the provisions allowing a scrap metal operator to purchase or acquire parts or inoperable motor vehicles that are at least 10 model years old without the original or salvage title or junking certificate from the seller
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation