97th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative Rick Brattin
Rick Brattin
District 055

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Sponsored Bills
HB 1469 - (5213L.01I)
Requires all employers and business entities to enroll and actively participate in a federal work authorization program and imposes stricter penalties for employing an unauthorized alien
HB 1470 - (5440H.01I)
Adds the option of by firing squad to the manner by which the death penalty may be inflicted
HB 1471 - (5437H.01I)
Requires all inmates receiving an on-site non-emergency medical examination or treatment from correctional center personnel to be charged 50 cents per visit
HB 1472 - (5303L.01I)
Requires schools teaching the theory of evolution by natural selection to have a policy on parental notification and a mechanism for opting out of the instruction
HB 1473 - (4947H.01I)
Requires a person becoming a member of the General Assembly for the first time on or after January 1, 2015, to be covered under a defined contribution retirement plan
HB 1474 - (4939H.01I)
Authorizes any school district to designate a teacher or administrator as a school protection officer who may carry concealed firearms after he or she has met specified minimum training requirements
HB 1475 - (4946H.01I)
Authorizes an exemption from the motor fuel tax for motor fuel used in watercraft in this state
HB 1476 - (4940H.01I)
Requires the issuance of a 30-day temporary nondriver's license in order for the Department of Revenue to verify the identity and citizenship of the applicant
HB 1477 - (5214L.01I)
Authorizes Missouri to enter into the multistate Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, eliminates all state tax credits, phases in a flat income tax rate, and increases the sales and use tax by .25%
HB 1648 - (5279L.02I)
Requires statewide elected officials, members of the General Assembly, and judges to be subject to random drug testing
HB 1649 - (5468H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding tort liability associated with the concealed carry of firearms
HB 1946 - (5925H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding water resources
HB 1947 - (6024H.02I)
Requires the State Board of Mediation to conduct an election to certify the exclusive bargaining representatives of an appropriate collective bargaining unit for certain public employees every two years
HB 2206 - (6446H.01I)
Requires the written consent of the father of the child before an abortion can be performed, with certain exceptions
HB 2281 - (6482H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding workers' compensation insurance premiums
HJR 61 - (5210L.01I)
Proposes a constitutional amendment regarding the right of every citizen to possess, purchase, or manufacture ammunition and other parts for fire arms
Co-sponsored Bills
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