99th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session - 2017
Representative Gina Mitten
Gina Mitten
District 083
Assistant Minority Floor Leader

Years Served:
Hometown:St. Louis
Representative Gina Mitten (D-83) represents portions of St. Louis City and St. Louis County. Ms. Mitten graduated summa cum laude from University of Missouri-St. Louis. She is a 2001 recipient of the American Mock Trial Association’s National All American Attorney award. In 2005, Representative Mitten received her Juris Doctor degree from Washington University in St. Louis, where she was a primary editor of the Journal of Law and Policy and recipient of the Don Sommers Prize for Professional Responsibility (ethics).

Before joining the House of Representatives, Representative Mitten was a member of the Richmond Heights City Council from 2004-2012. She also served on the St. Louis County Municipal League’s legislative affairs committee (2005-2010) and was a voting member of the Clayton/Richmond Heights Joint Study Committee (2005-2006). Ms. Mitten has been an ardent supporter of the Maplewood Richmond Height School District for more than fifteen years, and has served on its Building Corporation since 2007.

In addition to her legislative duties, Representative Mitten is an attorney with the St. Louis Lawyers Group, focusing her practice on civil litigation and domestic relations. Prior to receiving her law degree, she worked as a legal assistant in the St. Louis area.

Ms. Mitten resides in Richmond Heights with her husband and daughter. Her adult son lives in New York where he works in the film and television industry.
Sponsored Bills
HB 838 - (0692H.01I)
Requires a peace officer to provide an oral advisement and obtain written consent for a voluntary search of a person not under arrest or the person's effects or vehicle
HB 839 - (0732H.01I)
Allows current members of the General Assembly who are summoned for jury service during a legislative session to obtain an extension not to exceed six months for such service
HB 840 - (0824H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding eligibility for MO HealthNet benefits
HB 841 - (0740H.01I)
Changes the laws regarding taxation of feminine hygiene products
HB 842 - (0762H.01I)
Creates a right to unpaid leave for employees that are affected by domestic violence
HB 1180 - (0730H.01I)
Requires legislative lobbyists and legislative liaisons to complete sexual harassment training offered by the Missouri Ethics Commission
HB 1181 - (1800H.01I)
Requires the Secretary of State to establish a system for automatic voter registration
HB 1182 - (1695H.02I)
Changes the laws regarding income tax rates
HB 1183 - (0728H.01I)
Establishes a recall process for elected officials of fourth class cities
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation