95th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative John Diehl
John Diehl
District 087

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Sponsored Bills
HB 1607 - (4040L.02C)
Allows a presiding judge to assign a judge to hear the trial of a felony case when that judge has previously conducted the case's preliminary hearing if the defendant signs a waiver
HB 1608 - (3885L.02I)
Clarifies the laws regarding the conveyance of real or personal property owned by a husband and wife as tenants by entirety
HB 1609 - (4041S.05C)
Removes the requirement that a presiding judge must certify certain cases for assignment
HB 1764 - (4419S.05T)
Prohibits persons, employers, or health care providers from being compelled to participate in any health care system and allows certain domestic insurance companies to dissolve under certain conditions
HB 1765 - (4310L.01I)
Requires election authorities to remove the name of any registered voter from the authority's registration records upon receipt of a written and notarized request from the voter
HB 1966 - (4527S.10C)
Changes the laws regarding absent uniform services and overseas voters and elections
HB 1993 - (4838L.01I)
Exempts certain intangible property due or owed by a business association from the provisions relating to unclaimed property and the Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act
HB 2027 - (4512L.01I)
Changes the requirements concerning when funds can be released from accounts under the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement
HB 2028 - (4513L.02I)
Changes the laws regarding the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement
HB 2029 - (4663L.01I)
Changes the laws regarding the filing of certain land surveys with the county recorder of deeds
HB 2030 - (4343L.02I)
Specifies that no person will qualify as a candidate for any elective public office who has been convicted of, found guilty of, or pled guilty to certain crimes
HB 2031 - (4583L.01I)
Authorizes metropolitan sewer districts to enter into design-build contracts for construction projects exceeding $1 million
HB 2033 - (4342L.02I)
Prohibits a political subdivision from requiring any party to file a certificate of value at the time of the sale or conveyance of real property
HB 2056 - (4974L.01T)
Requires a lien on real estate that is obtained based on a judgment or order for unpaid child support or maintenance to state only the last four digits of the obligor's Social Security number
HB 2058 - (4976S.14T)
Establishes procedures for asserting a mechanic's lien against certain residential real property
HB 2159 - (5066L.01P)
Designates a portion of Interstate 64/U. S. Highway 40 as the "Jack Buck Memorial Highway"
HB 2160 - (4998L.01I)
Prohibits any person whose primary business is contracting with providers for health care services from selling, renting, or giving a third party the entity's rights to a participating provider's services
HB 2188 - (5134L.01I)
Changes the definition of "employment" as it relates to a licensed real estate salesperson or real estate broker qualifying for unemployment compensation
HB 2475 - (5485L.01I)
Authorizes St. Louis County, upon voter approval, to impose a sales tax of up to one-tenth of 1% on all retail sales, except for food, to establish, operate, and maintain an emergency communications system
HCR 18 - (4336L.05C)
Urges the Missouri Congressional delegation to vote against H.R. 3200, the federal health care reform legislation
HJR 81 - (4050L.02I)
Proposes a constitutional amendment limiting any increase in the merchants' and manufacturers' replacement tax, allowing local governing bodies to reduce the rate, and eliminating the tax in 2015
Co-sponsored Bills
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