97th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative Jeanne Kirkton
Jeanne Kirkton
District 091

Years Served:
Hometown:Webster Groves
Archival Record:
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Sponsored Bills
HB 1593 - (5402L.01I)
Requires a certificate of value to be filed with the assessor before the recorder of deeds can accept the filing of any document by which any interest in certain real property is conveyed
HB 2058 - (6103L.01I)
Adds a board certified psychiatric-mental health clinical nurse specialist to the list of medical professionals from whom treatment costs may be compensated
HCR 17 - (4035L.01I)
Urges Congress to propose an amendment to the United States Constitution to clearly state that corporations are not human beings and do not have the same rights as citizens of the United States
HCR 28 - (5644L.01I)
Urges the Department of Natural Resources to consider the need to require groundwater monitoring at all new and existing coal ash ponds and require cleanup for ponds that are leaking dangerous chemicals
HJR 82 - (5076L.01I)
Proposes a constitutional amendment allowing a pilot program to be established by up to three cities to develop a plan for implementation of land value taxation that would increase the division of specified property into two additional subclasses
HJR 89 - (6530L.01I)
Proposes a constitutional amendment establishing the Fair and Transparent Redistricting Act that transfers the initial responsibility for congressional and legislative redistricting to a state demographer
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation