98th General Assembly, 2nd Regular Session
Representative Dave Hinson
Dave Hinson
District 119

Years Served:
Hometown:St. Clair
Archival Record:
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Sponsored Bills
HB 1911 - (5139H.01I)
Specifies that the levy rate for certain bond issues be set at the rate needed to meet the bond issue obligation and may be adjusted solely to meet such obligation
HB 1912 - (5160S.08C)
Changes the law regarding erection of public buildings so that county commissions no longer need to appoint superintendents for that purpose
HB 1913 - (5414H.01I)
Eliminates a provision allowing for property tax levy adjustments for inflation and modifies standing for Hancock Amendment challenges
HB 1914 - (5376H.01I)
Modifies provisions regarding the inclusion of an additional board of trustees member of a consolidated public library district
HB 2072 - (5286H.02I)
Eliminates tax credits, converts all domestic and social tax credits into deductions, and reduces the top tax rate of the Missouri individual income tax
HB 2212 - (5895H.01P)
Adds emergency medical technicians, firefighters, and first responders to the list of mandated reporters of elder abuse
HB 2213 - (5602H.04P)
Establishes the Missouri Compassionate Care Act regarding the licensure of medical cannabis centers and cultivation and prodiction facilities to provide medical cannabis to qualifying patients
HB 2383 - (6190H.01I)
Allows political subdivisions to elect to cover certain personnel as members of the Missouri Local Government Employees' Retirement System
HB 2777 - (6011H.02I)
Modifies provisions of law regarding fire district taxation of property that cities have annexed.
HCR 99 - (6362H.01I)
Requests Congress to replace the statue of Francis Blair currently in the National Statuary Hall Collection in the U.S. Capitol with a statue of President Harry S Truman
Co-sponsored Bills
Past Legislation